Don’t Say Bojio: Cathay Pacific’s All-In Return Flight Tickets Fr $258 To Over 50 Different Destinations

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Are you a seasoned traveller? Do you know all the ins and outs of travelling with the best deal possible?

Yes, people always think air miles when they want cheap(er) flights, but let’s be honest, air miles are for high-SES people who travel often.

For those of us who don’t use our credit cards or travel frequently, air miles, like the mile high club, is pretty unreachable.

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But that doesn’t mean we’re resigned to paying full price for everything. Oh no, that’s not the Singaporean way.

Instead of giving up, we’ll argue, boycott and threaten our way through to the holy grail of airline discounts.


You can just pay attention to us, whose only job is to look out for the best deals possible and put up with our fat boss’s tantrums.

Like this one.

Cathay Pacific Giving Away Huge Discount on ALL-IN RETURN Flight Tickets

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Yes, all-in-return flight tickets. These three words deserve all caps and bold.

Because typical flight deals aren’t return tickets, they’re just a one-way trip to wherever you’re going. *coughscootcough*

Not this time, though.

This time, from now until 17 Dec 2018, Cathay Pacific is giving you an awesome deal on all-in return flight tickets starting from $258.

Do you know that if you nod when you suggest something, the listener would tend to agree? Here’s a video on the ten ways to control others with psychological hacks:

By all-in, we mean taxes included.

And the best part? Departure period stretches all the way from now until 30 Jun 2019. That’s a good six months away, perfect to plan a mid-year vacation for next year.

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We’re talking countries like:

Hong Kong From $258.

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Visit the famous Kowloon street or try the original one-Michelin star, Tim Ho Wan, in their birth country. For cheap.

Bangkok From $228. 

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Thai milk tea, water market, cheap T-shirts. Or Thai girls show. Anything goes, baby!

And Taiwan From $388.

Image: NH /

Fans of Our Times and 那些年 would love to visit some of the iconic places shown in the movie. Or if you’re like our boss, just get fat at the night market.

And see meh meh too.

Here’s the full list of prices (cuz we’re just that great)

Hong Kong

  • Fr $258


  • Fr $228


  • Taipei: Fr $388
  • Kaohsiung: Fr $388
  • Taichung: Fr $388

Mainland China

  • Shanghai (Hongqiao & Pudong International Airport): Fr $448
  • Beijing: Fr $468
  • Changsha: Fr $498
  • Fuzhou: Fr $498
  • Guilin: Fr $498
  • Haikou: Fr $498
  • Jinan: Fr $498
  • Kunming: Fr $498
  • Ningbo: Fr $498
  • Sanya: Fr $498
  • Wenzhou: Fr $498
  • Xi’an: Fr $498
  • Zhengzhou: Fr $498
  • Chengdu: Fr $498
  • Chongqing: Fr $498
  • Wuhan: Fr $498
  • Xiamen: Fr $498
  • Guangzhou: Fr $498
  • Hangzhou: Fr $498
  • Nanjing: Fr $498
  • Qingdao: Fr $498
  • Nanning: Fr $498


  • Seoul Incheon International Airport: Fr 558
  • Busan: Fr 728
  • Jeju: Fr 728


  • Tokyo (Narita & Haneda International Airport): Fr $598
  • Nagoya: Fr $608
  • Fukuoka: Fr $608
  • Osaka (Kansai International Airport): Fr $618


  • Brussels: Fr $1.198
  • Manchester: Fr $1,268
  • Paris (Charles de Gaulle): Fr 1,308
  • London (Heathrow & Gatwick): Fr $1,318
  • Frankfurt: Fr $1,318
  • Dublin: Fr $1,338

North America:

  • Los Angeles: Fr $1,138
  • San Francisco: Fr $1,138
  • Chicago: Fr $1,258
  • Seattle: Fr $1,338
  • New York (John F Kennedy & Newark Liberty Int’l): Fr $1,328
  • Boston: Fr $1,328
  • Washington: Fr $1,328
  • Vancouver: Fr $1,438
  • Toronto: Fr $1,538

You can book your tickets here.

Terms and Conditions Apply:

  • The above fares are on Economy Class, on per person basis and include all applicable taxes/surcharges.
  • Taxes and surcharges are correct as of 1 Sep 2018 but are subject to change due to currency fluctuation.
  • The taxes are final at the point of ticketing.
  • Sales period: 5 – 17 Dec 2018
  • Travel period: To depart Singapore on the following dates: 
    • O class: 30 Dec 2018 – 31 Jan 2019, 09 Feb – 13 March 2019, 23 March – 24 May 2019, 30 Jun 2019
    • Q/N class: 19 Dec 2018 – 30 Jun 2019
  • Read the full list of terms and conditions here.

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