Don’t Say Bojio: Coffee Coke is Now Sold in All 7-Eleven Outlets

Coffee or Coke? Wait a minute, I can have both?

Well, why not have a Coffee Coke? You didn’t hear me wrong, it is a fusion of two of our cannot-live-without drinks. So if you’re a big fan of both Coffee and Coke, now you can get the best of both worlds.


You can celebrate by doing the seaweedy arm movement like Hannah Montana.


7-Eleven has recently released a fresh new drink, the limited edition Coca-Cola Plus Coffee.

Though it’s not exactly new, because it’s been in other countries for a while, but anyways.

I don’t know about you, but I love novel concepts. This is a must-try for me, that’s for sure.


And good news to all of you who sustain primarily on coffee like Lorelai Gilmore: This Coffee Coke supposedly contains twice the caffeine and half the calories compared to a regular coke.

So you don’t have to worry about getting fat from this and can still stay awake.

The new drink was first introduced in Japan and it was exclusive only in vending machines there. Each drink contains 34mg of caffeine and only 42 calories, with the coffee coming in the form of extract powder.

Just for comparison’s sake, a typical cup of coffee has about 40 mg of caffeine. So it’s still not enough to turn my zombie boss into a tiger every morning, but hey: it’s Coke.

How does it taste?

So far, there are mixed reviews about Coke Plus Coffee.

Some felt that the drink was a concoction from hell, there were many others who really liked the coffee-infused Coke.

One critic from Shin-Shouhin said that the drink has a “not a very delicious aroma” and that he “didn’t think it tasted good, but it wasn’t as bad” as he thought it would be.

The Coffee Concierges review was a lot more positive, commenting that the drink “tasted quite good” but “it does not taste like a mix of Coke and coffee”. Rather, the fusion is “more like taking a sip of Coke, followed by a sip of cold coffee”. Overall, Coffee-Coke was given a thumbs up by The Coffee Concierge.

Sounds pretty dope to me.

Well, you can try it for yourself now.

Same old, same old

Coke-meets-Coffee’s story is not new to the world. Remember that time when Coca-Cola released Coca-Cola BlāK? Allow me to refresh your memory.


Looks familiar? Coca-Cola BlāK was introduced back in 2006. It was a coffee-flavored soft drink introduced first in France. Mysteriously, the drink was discontinued in 2008.

Contrary to what you might be thinking, Coca-Cola BlāK was actually quite well-received. One called the drink a “delicious fusion” and some were even upset that it was removed from the shelves.

Let’s hope Coffee Coke lasts a lot longer than Coca-Cola BlāK.

Nonetheless, we reckon that Coca-Cola plus coffee is worth a try. Like they said, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.