Don’t Say Bojio: Cuteness Overload Scented Carebear Collectibles Now Available At Cheers

The biggest stars of the world today isn’t Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber or Jay Chou.

Oh no, that spot belongs to a certain quartet.

Yes, carebears.

These four bears are possibly more magical than KPOP group Sistar, and almost every kid growing up would’ve loved them at one point in time.

Well, guess what?

A certain convenience store is bringing these bears right into your hands.

Cheers Bringing Limited Edition Carebears To Your Doorstep

This storefront is a familiar sight to Singaporeans.

But contained within this familiar storefront is something out of this world.

Image: Cheers

No, this isn’t a normal, cute Funshine carebear. It’s a lemon-scented cute Funshine carebear.

Image: Giphy

That’s right.

You can now get multi-functional carebears at Cheers.

Here Are The Details:

From 19 Mar to 15 Apr 2019, Cheers Singapore is releasing four limited-edition carebears to Singaporeans.

Each bear with its own fragrance.

Customers who spent above $5 at Cheers will be able to get their hand on one of these furry critters for themselves at just $6.95.

Just take note that purchases cannot include cigarettes, fuel or statutory items.

Each bear will be released per week.

Share Bear 

Image: Cheers

Arguably the most generous carebear out of the four, this purple bear brings with it a hint of Grape (because purple means generous, yes?).

Funshine Bear 

Image: Cheers

Who needs sunshine when you can have funshine (read: fun sunshine)? Lemon makes everything better, from getting rid of odours to boosting your mood.

(Sir) Love a Lot Bear

Image: Cheers

If you’ve been paying attention to what social media is saying now, love makes the world go round. And what love is better than sweet, sweet love, with a slight hint of strawberry?

Goodluck Bear

Image: Cheers

If your zodiac sign is pig, tiger or snake, luck’s probably what you need in your life right now.

No matter whether you need some luck in your love life, or just a bit of 4D/Toto luck, this could just be the thing for you.

Plus, green apple! An apple a day keeps the doctor away, after all.

Just make sure to be fast because you know how Singaporeans get when cute stuff surfaces, right?


And to be fair, where else can you get a carebear (with fragrant scents to boot!) at just $11.95 apiece?

So don’t wait liao and start making plans to go to your nearest Cheers outlet today.

You’re welcome! 😉

This article was first published on and written in collaboration with Cheers.