Don’t Say Bojio: Domino’s Pizza Latest Promo Codes For Free Pizzas, 5 Pizzas For $50 & More

Image: Domino's Pizza Singapore Facebook Page

Hands up if you love pizzas.

That delectable crust, the different toppings on the top with a heavenly mix of sauce and stringy mozzarella cheese.

And it’s so customisable that people with different palates can enjoy a meal of pizza together.

Image: Facebook

If you find yourself nodding away to whatever I’ve said above, what say you to having nice, delicious pizza…for cheap?

That’s exactly what Domino’s Pizza is giving to Singaporeans this 2019.

Domino’s Pizza Celestial Promo Codes

From now until 31 Mar 2019, Domino’s Pizza is unleashing a horde of promo codes for Singaporeans to enjoy celestial amount of discounts on their food.

How to redeem the deals

This deal is valid for delivery or takeaway, and redeemable over the counter, over a phone call or via their website.

Here’s how you redeem the offers:

Online order: Type the coupon code in Domino’s website or click on the URL provided below.

Phone orders: Call Domino’s Pizza hotline (6222 6333) and read the coupon code before ordering.

Orders at the counter: Read out the coupon code before ordering, flash the visual of the coupon or give them a self-printed copy. Or show them this app and if you’re a handsome or pretty fellow, ask the staff to download our awesome app, too.

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Term and conditions apply:

  • Offer valid for Delivery and Takeaway
  • Ordering can be done via Over the Counter, Call Centre and Online Order
  • Standard surcharge applies
  • Valid until 31st March 2018 (Sunday)

Deals Available At Domino’s Pizza Until 31 Mar 2019

Okay, enough keeping you guys in suspense.

When Domino’s said celestial, they didn’t just mean that their discounts’ sky-high. It’s practically out of this world.

Don’t believe us?

Check out what they have in store with you guys.

Free Pizzas & Sides

FBG01 – FREE Regular pizza with a la carte Large/Xtra Large pizza purchase from $32.90

FBG02 – BUY 1 FREE 2: FREE Breadstix/Cinnastix/Goma+ FREE Yakitori Chicken with a la carte Unagi Regular pizza purchase from $35.90

More Than 50% OFF Sides

FBG03 – $11.40 CHEESY/FABULOUS FOUR with a la carte Regular/Large pizza purchase from $24.90

Set Meal

FBG04 – 1 Regular Pizza + 1 Crazy Chicken Crunchies + 1 Can of Soft Drinks at $23

Pizzas For A Party

FBG05 – 3 Regular pizzas at $30


FBG06 – 3 Regular pizzas + 1 Cinnastix / Breadstix at $33


FBG07 – 3 Regular Pizzas + 1 Chicken Wings / Toriniku at $42


FBG08 – 5 Regular pizzas at $50


FBG09 – 5 Regular pizzas + 1 Golden Roasted Drummets at $60


FBG010 – 3 Large Pizzas at $51

That’s like $17 a pizza. Possibly the cheapest “big brand” pizza in Singapore liao. Agree?


So what are you waiting for?

Time to get your friends together and have pizza for gathering liao.

You’re welcome! 😉

**All images from Domino’s Pizza Singapore Facebook page unless otherwise stated. 

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