Don’t Say Bojio: Experience Bubble Tea Like Never Before At Bubble Tea Factory Exhibition From 19 Oct – 18 Dec


This one goes out to all my bubble tea fans, you know who you guys are, as well as those who love taking aesthetic photographs.

Watch out guys, because the Bubble Tea Factory Exhibition will be here at *Scape from 19 October till 18 December 2019.

With an area of over 7,000sqft, be prepared to walk through 10 different pastel-themed bubble tea rooms. These rooms are said to give you a multi-sensory experience that you will not forget!

Image: The Bubble Tea Factory

The Pearl Pit is a room with a pool filled with taro pearls. The lilac-coloured balls serve as a soft touch for your latest Instagram post.

Go ahead and jump in. We know you want to.

Image: The Bubble Tea Factory

The Blue Coral Utapioca is a room filled with boba trees, perfect for you to lounge under and soak in the beauty of the installations. The multi-coloured room serves as the perfect backdrop for a cute and aesthetic photo.

Image: The Bubble Tea Factory

Sit back and relax as you get yourself hooked up to this IV drip with bubble tea in it. After all, we all have bubble tea coursing through our veins, right?

Image: The Bubble Tea Factory

The Bubble Tea Factory’s take on wrecking ball.

Yes, go on and swing on the massive boba. When else are you going to be able to do that?

Tickets & Opening Hours

Tickets have already started going on sale and you can get them at The Bubble Tea Factory’s official website.

Tickets include a one-time entry into the exhibition, a cup of bubble tea and a Boba Booster Pack which includes collectible cards that depict challenges for you to complete throughout your journey into the Bubble Tea world.

Weekdays: $24
Weekends: $28

Opening Hours:
Weekdays: 4pm to 10pm
Weekends: 10am to 10pm

Psst, don’t say bojio! As part of their opening special, they are pricing their tickets cheaper if you purchase them now! It is $18 for a ticket on weekdays and $23 on weekends. This promotion applies to tickets purchased for 20 October till 3 November.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your tickets now and see you there!