Don’t Say Bojio: EZ-Link Launches All-New $24.90 My Melody Omamori EZ-Charm


Three days ago, EZ-Link teased us with this.

Image: Facebook (EZ-Link)

Releasing this image of My Melody hinted that a new product was going to be released and it had something to do with My Melody.

Many netizens expressed hope that it was going to be a charm.

Image: Facebook (EZ-Link)

And today, EZ-Link has finally answered.

YES! It’s a charm!

EZ-Link has delighted many of us once again with their cute designs of charms, making travelling so much easier.

It just goes to show that you don’t have to travel with a boring card. You can choose something unique that you like!

My Melody Omamori EZ-Charm

This charm is sold at $24.90 with no initial load value, which means that in order to use it, you will have to top up money into it.

This charm will be available at selected Cheers stores only, so before you head down to any Cheers outlets, you might want to make sure that the outlet you’re visiting is one of the participating outlets. You can check out the list here.

Some of the netizens also took to Facebook to share that they have already gotten their charms.

Image: Facebook (John Goh)
Image: Giphy

It’s beautiful.

Previous Designs

The latest design that they released before this My Melody Omamori was the Gudetama Omamori EZ-charm.

Image: Facebook (EZ-Link)

If you prefer a card instead, you can go for the Minions card that has just been released with a Christmas theme.

Image: Facebook (EZ-Link)

There was also the Marumofubiyori card that was super cute.

Image: Facebook (EZ-Link)

So if you missed all your chances to get the other EZ-charms and cards, don’t miss out on this one either.

Hop on down to the selected Cheers outlets now and get your own hoppity My Melody Omamori EZ-charm! Do take note though, it’s while stocks last!