Don’t Say Bojio: EZ-Link Launching Super Cute Snorlax EZ-Link Charms on Lazada (10 Dec)

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Over the years, EZ-Link has produced quite a number of interesting EZ-Link functionalities, one of which happens to be the EZ-Link charm.

As its name suggests, an EZ-Link charm’s pretty much an object that will be able to tap in and out for you, without all the four-edged hassle.

Plus, charms look like legit charms too. Or at least that’s how EZ-Link manufactures them. Say, for example, the Pikachu design they released earlier.

Image: Source

And Tsum Tsum EZ-charms that look cute af.

Image: EZ-Link Singapore Page

Really, you can’t help but marvel at EZ-Link’s creative genius, and think:

“Damn you sly old dogs, here take my money.”

And it’s not stopping anytime soon

For EZ-Link has released yet another design that you’ll no doubt want to get:

An honest-to-goodness Snorlax design.

Image: Fauzi Instagram

Yes, folks; everyone’s favourite lazy Pokemon will soon be coming to an EZ-Link tap-out near you, and if Fauzi’s Instagram story was to be taken at face value…

It looks pretty dope!

Image: Instagram @mynameisfauzi

Image: Giphy

How do you get it?!

According to the note EZ-Link sent Fauzi, the limited edition Snorlax EZ-charm will be on sale for $29.90 on Lazada Marketplace from 10 December.


And in case you’re wondering, you will be able to use it to tap and pay on public transport, as well as taxis, dining and retail outlets where EZ-Link is accepted.

Though of course, one would hope that the charm doesn’t swallow all your in-card balance as the real character would.

Image: Giphy

And that’s not all either

It seems that EZ-Link is really going all out this Christmas season, as they’ve also released lofty designs like…

Wonder Woman.

Are you angry at someone now, and can’t get him or her out of your mind? Well, watch this video and you’ll know what to do next:

You’ve witnessed the rise of a warrior, now you can get your own Wonder Woman EZ-Charms! Available exclusively via Shopee* at $29.90 each (no load value) –!

Posted by EZ-Link on Thursday, 29 November 2018

Trust me; tapping out has never felt so heroic before.

And of course, Christmas releases wouldn’t be so Christmas-y without actual Christmas designs.

Image: EZ-Link Facebook Page


With a Christmassy Pikachu winking back at you every time you flash that card, you’re going to want to tap it as many times as you want. Cos cuteness overload.

Image; Giphy


If you’re insistent on the old four-edge design, EZ-Link has quite a few aesthetic designs for you to choose from too.

Browse from the collection below that’s sure to tease your wallet. Hard.



Image: EZ-Link Facebook Page

Not to be confused with an effeminate man.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes Of Grindewald

Image: EZ-Link Facebook Page

Buspecto Taptronum!


And of course the old-time favourite, Pokemon

Image: EZ-Link Facebook Page

Have a great Christmas with these jolly pals!

So what’re you waiting for?

If you’re like the Snorlax guy in the old Pokemon games and designed your entire house to look like the Pokemon, you’re going to want to get that card.

So drop by Lazada Marketplace on 10 December, look for EZ-Link Official Store and start purchasing!


Granted your days might get slightly more lethargic after that, but at least you’ll have a permanent grin on your face.

Unless you get woken up by a sleeping flute, of course.

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