Don’t Say Bojio: EZ-Link Releases Two New Sanrio EZ-Link Cards At TransitLink Offices

This is for all the girls-at-heart out there.

I remember a time of flip phones and Nokia, when Sanrio crept into all of the girls’ hearts.

And all we dreamt of wanting was the little handheld games, or the stationery, or the plush toys, or the watches — I would go on, but then I would start wallowing in regret that my parents never allowed many of these.


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Sanrio has managed to maintain its perennial cuteness, seeing as how I would definitely buy one of these again — except I don’t have the money.

Their characters may have continued to charm the hearts of girls of all ages, but their prices have unfortunately become way less charming.

If you ever wished for Sanrio to be affordable like me, then you’re in luck, because the gods have heard our prayers.

Cheap(er) Sanrio EZ-Link Cards Up For Grabs

EZ-Link (for once in life, bless them) has made our mundane lives a thousand times brighter with the release of two new Sanrio-themed cards.

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Travelling to work is tragic, and seeing your card balance drop from Mount Everest is even more heartwrenching.

But at least these cards are a silver lining amongst the dark clouds.

Maybe they’ll even motivate you to spend more money on transport; after all, what wouldn’t we give to flaunt these adorable cards every day?

It bears an uncanny resemblance to retail therapy — you blow up your credit card to buy articles of clothing that take away your stress.

So if you are desperate to relive a part of your childhood, or if you simply find lovable characters irresistible, head down to your nearest TransitLink Office to snag one of these cards for $12 (with $7 load value) now.

Here’s a disclaimer: while stocks last!

Unsurprisingly, people have started indirecting their loved ones or friends under the post to buy the cards for them. Just imagine the over-exaggerated *hint hint, wink*.

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In fact, in just two days, stock is already running low at certain offices!

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With loveliness as universal as Sanrio, bring out your auntie spirit and be prepared to fight for your cards (or get your loved ones to do it for you)!

Source: Life of a Vegaholic

And for those of you who end up losing the cutthroat battle of achieving these cards, don’t go feeling too depressed; a gudetama-themed release is coming right up!

This time, be sure to polish up your fighting skills and your receptor for all things cute.

May the odds be ever in your favour.

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