Don’t Say Bojio: Free 4 piece nuggets with McDonald’s Super Red Holiday Promo (1-13 Jun 2016)

McDonald’s is one fast food that almost everyone in Singapore loves, although not all will admit to it. They are delicious, affordable and most importantly, fast because we all lead incredibly fast paced lives.

But like all good things out there, there are drawbacks to it as well. McDonald’s food is awesome, but because it’s deep-fried food are oily and unhealthy, those who are health-conscious will have sworn off McDonald’s for good. Or at least limit it to once every couple of months.

Are you one such person? If you are, you might revert back to your McDonald’s guzzling days after hearing this piece of awesome, awesome news.

We all have different items we love at McDonald’s, but one thing that we have all tried will definitely be their chicken nuggets because we practically grew up on McDonald’s Happy Mealsand we love them.

Here’s what you got to know about the latest holiday promotion from McDonald’s, the magic wonderland of every kid out there. Or at least, the food heaven that is.

With every purchase of either the Super Red Burger or the Super Red Extra Value Meal, simply flash the coupon and you will get 4 piece nuggets for free. The offer is only valid after breakfast and while stocks last.

super red

This is a deal that you definitely cannot afford to miss even if you are on a diet. So hurry down to a McDonald’s outlet near you today before it flies away.



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