Don’t Say Bojio: Free Curry Puff From Old Chang Kee from Now Till 10 Dec

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Water is wet, grass is green; in other news, prettygirl99 is pretty and Old Chang Kee curry puffs are delish.

Image: Singapore Buzz Blog 5

I mean sure; they might not be as delicious as we remembered, with success and expansion somewhat diluting the quality of their curry puffs. Yet, even so, I dare say that their curry puffs still reign among the top 20% in Singapore.

Not because local curry puffs tend to suck, but because Old Chang Kee curry puffs, even when compromised, still attain a certain high level. After all, there’s a reason why everyone went crazy over it in the past.

Image: Old Chang Kee

Plus, it’s pretty affordable for its portion too. Which is pretty much all that matters to me, in all honesty.

Yet what if I tell you that…

Like its quality, the price could be compromised further too.

And it’s not just any price either.

For in return for a few simple steps, you’re entitled to that good ol’ Curry O’…

For free.

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Road to Curry Puff F2.0

Introducing the WhereIsWhere app.

Image: Apple App Store

Apparently the first of its kind, WhereIsWhere is a location-based discovery mobile app for discovering flash promotions, product and service offerings and activities nearby.

Image: Apple App Store

Now I bet you’re wondering: what does this have to do with curry puffs? Well as it turns out, it’s a really important step in your journey to winning that free curry puff.

Do you know that if you nod when you suggest something, the listener would tend to agree? Here’s a video on the ten ways to control others with psychological hacks:

Download WhereIsWhere App and redeem a FREE Curry'O from Old Chang Kee! Valid for a limited period only from 1 to 10 Dec 2018 at your nearest Old Chang Kee outlet while stocks last. Other T&Cs apply.Refer to the links below or attached images for more details on how to download the WIW app and how to redeem our FREE Curry'O. The first link is how to register: as a WIW memberStep 1: Select bottom right iconStep 2: Sign up with your Facebook account or a valid email addressThe second link is how to navigate and redeem: to navigate and redeem?(For Old Chang Kee’s promotion)Step 1: On the map, tap on the bottom blue bar to discover nearby merchants, promotions and events.Step 2: Select the ‘F&B’ categoryStep 3: Select ‘All’Step 4: Select your preferred nearest Old Chang Kee outlet and press the blue “Redemption Details” button.Step 5: Proceed to the selected outlet and present this screenStep 6: REQUEST FOR THE REDEMPTION PROMO CODE FROM OUR FRIENDLY OCK OUTLET STAFF & ENTER THE CODEStep 7: Congratulations! You have redeemed the deal successfully!(NOTE: REDEMPTION HAS TO BE MADE AT THE PHYSICAL OUTLET)

Posted by Old Chang Kee Singapore on Friday, 30 November 2018

Simply follow the three steps below…

  1. Download the WhereIsWhere App on your mobile app store
  2. Register and login
  3. Navigate to Old Chang Kee under F&B category to redeem

And lo and behold; that magical puff is yours for no charge!


Before you download the app, however, here’s a more extensive expansion of the half-assed caption above. According to the app’s iTunes page…

WhereIsWhere is a first-of-its-kind location-based discovery mobile app for discovering flash promotions, product and service offerings and activities nearby. Use WhereIsWhere’s interactive map and sophisticated filters – including favourite retailers, category lists, and sub-categories – to easily search for the nearest outlets offering products, services, time-based offers and experiences of interest. You can also move your point of search to discover new points of interest. Follow favourite brands to receive real-time offers and flash promotions.

Which sounds pretty darn attractive actually. And I can’t help but wonder;

Hmm… this might be one promotional app I will keep in my phone for once. Of course, my boss forced me to insert this sentence: the Goody Feed app is also one app that I am forced love to have in my phone forever.

So what’re you waiting for?

Download the app and head down to your nearest Old Chang Kee outlet now, because the promotion isn’t gonna last forever!

Promotional period: 1 to 10 Dec 2018

Location: Nearest Old Chang Kee outlet

Take note that the promotion is while stocks last.

Enjoy that curry puff! 🙂

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