Don’t Say Bojio: Free Flow Bubble Tea At Chinatown Hotpot Restaurant Serving Frog Meat & Fish Head Soup

Image: Facebook (美蛙鱼头 frog meat fish head, Damn Worth It)


I’m sure you experienced several conflicting and confusing emotions as you read the title.

Free flow Bubble Tea? – OH GOD, YES, WHERE IS THIS?

At Chinatown Hotpot Restaurant – Oh, that’s- well that’s unexpec-

Serving Frog Meat & Fish Head Soup – OK, is someone screwing with me?

Oh, but I’m absolutely serious, dear reader; everything you read in the title is absolutely true!

Let me repeat it here for the sake of your food-and-drink-loving-soul:

Free Flow Bubble Tea At Chinatown Hotpot Restaurant Serving Frog Meat & Fish Head Soup

Have you ever had some frog meat and thought, Hmm, this would go well with some bubble tea?

Or ever have you ever had a cup of bubble tea and thought, Damn this is missing some fish head soup?


Your answer to both questions is probably a hell no, but Frog Meat Fish Head restaurant, a hotpot restaurant at Chinatown, might change your mind about that.

The hotpot restaurant, much like their name suggests, is centered around their signature Sichuan-style frog meat and fish head soup.

They also have regular hotpot options, for the less adventurous.

According to Mothership, this includes mala, tomato, and pork bone soup bases. And they also have a la carte dishes as well, like this glorious plate of prawns:

Image: Facebook (美蛙鱼头 frog meat fish head)

And this mouthwatering dry chili frog:

Image: Facebook (美蛙鱼头 frog meat fish head)

But you’re not here for that, are you, dear reader? Let’s get to the best bit.

Free flow bubble tea

You know that dream you had? The one where you drank innumerable glasses of bubble tea without taking any damage to your health or wallet?

Well, I can’t help you out with diabetes, but your wallet will thank me because…

…once you get a glass of pearl milk tea at this hotpot restaurant, you’ll be able to get free refills the entire day. 

Mood Are You Serious GIF
Image: Giphy

Yes, yes I am.

And it’s not just that. There is also a free flow bubble tea station where you can choose your desired amount of pearls and find your ideal combination of milk tea and pearls.

Image: Facebook (Damn Worth It)

Now, that’s a tall, tasty looking glass of boba.


The restaurant serves a lunch buffet from 11am to 4pm every day of the week, which costs S$23.80 per person on weekdays, excluding GST and service charge.

Lucky for you, though, there’s a promotional price of S$19.80 per person now throughout the month of November, so you know where to go for your next meal!


Customers are encouraged to call the restaurant at 6226 0986 to make a reservation because, apparently, Singaporeans love bubble tea and hotpot and tend to pack the restaurant like a gang of vultures.

Address: 5 Mosque St, Singapore 059485

Operating hours: 11am – 12am daily

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