Don’t Say Bojio: Free-Flow KBBQ Promotion Starting From $15.90 At Yishun (Kids & Senior Citizens Eat for Free)

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When I was a kid, there was no such thing as the mentioning of B’s. In this household, there were only A’s.

When being taught the alphabet song, there was no such thing as ABCDEFG. It was sung AAAAAAA, because anything below an A was unacceptable.

As long as my grades were good, I could do anything I want. That’s what my parents told me. And considering that today, with good grades you can even commit crimes and get away with it, I’d say it’s pretty true.

Image: Quora

We were so allergic to anything below A’s, that there was no such thing as eating at BBQs. BBQ! Why not AAA!

I was only allowed to eat things like Apples and Avocadoes. No chicken, cause that starts with C. Although Adobo Chicken is alright. Anything from Australia is ok, cause it starts with A.

A typical restaurant meal would be at A-One restaurant. Other people eat Maggi Mee in Uni, I eat A1 bee hoon.

Those were the days.

So I rebelled and ate all the BBQ I wanted when I grew up, and now you see I ended up being a Goody Feed writer.

Except I lied because I’m actually poor. I didn’t eat all the BBQ I wanted.

And for poor people like me who’ve always wanted to stuff themselves full of BBQ…

Image: Giphy

This little Korean BBQ restaurant has gotcha back.

Friends Tasty Korea, Free Flow Korean BBQ Buffet No GST

Image: Facebook (Friends Tasty Korea)

Look, there’s a lot to unpack just in that one image alone. So let’s break it down to stages:

Image: Reddit (r/Memetemplatesofficial)


That’s right. Free Flow KBBQ from $15.90 without GST, with side dishes, unlimited rice and dessert, and then kids below 12 and senior citizens also eat free??

How is it possible? Where lies this sacred temple of KBBQ? Tell me the secrets, master!

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Korean Mookata Lunch! #jonlovesfoodie

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Ask… and thou shalt receive.

431 Sembawang Road, S758396 (near Chong Pang Market)

Opening Hours:
Lunch: 11:30am – 3:30pm
Dinner: 3:30pm – 11pm


And just in case you weren’t already enticed…

There appear to be about 14 to 16 side dishes.


It’s Not Only KBBQ

You can find their menu on Facebook here, though we’re not sure if this is updated. Goody things to look out for (other than the KBBQ for duh reasons) are the army stew…

And actually maybe just about anything because they do look good.


And so…what‘re you waiting for?

It’s called Friends Tasty Korea, so I assume you bring friends over. Bring your makan kakis, and prepare your empty stomach. Cause when something says free flow…

I ain’t showing it any mercy.

Image: Giphy

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