Don’t Say Bojio: Free Grab Vouchers For NTUC Members Who Are Working Mums

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On yet another episode of Really Don’t Say Bojio, we’re going to introduce you to a really special deal.

It starts with Free and ends with Grab Vouchers.

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Always late for work and having to take Grab?

Or you’re too lazy to take the bus and find yourself Grabbing all the time?

How about some Grab vouchers to help you out.

CheapoUncle89: What’s the catch?

Well, you’ve got to be female, for one; and you need to be in an exclusive club.

Don’t worry, it’s not a club for tai tais (crazy rich aunties). At least, not just tai tais.

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It’s NTUC.

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A Gesture of Appreciation For Working Mums

Working mums have it hard. Sometimes, even harder than working dads especially if your partner doesn’t chip in to help at home.

After a day of tiring work, you go home and start taking care of the house.

In layman’s terms, you’re practically holding two full-time jobs.

And NTUC understands completely, which is why they’re giving out free vouchers to you.

Free Grab Vouchers For NTUC Members Who Are Working Mums

If you’re a working mum and an NTUC union member, you’re in luck.

Because NTUC is collaborating with Grab to give out $9 worth of Grab Vouchers to you.

You’ll get 2 x $3 GrabRide and 1 x free GrabFood delivery vouchers.

Just go to their website to claim your reward.

Yes, it’s that simple. No strings attached.


NTUC Union Member

Despite what most people think, an NTUC membership isn’t just useful for buying groceries at FairPrice.

They have a whole list of benefits and perks that members can enjoy most don’t know.

In fact, they also have an app which gives out ‘flash deals’ like this from time to time.

I mean, 50% off Gongcha? Who would’ve thought that NTUC could be so cool, right?


So don’t wait liao, ask your mum or your neighbours if they are Union members, and if they are, could they pretty please give you the vouchers?

After all, $9 might not sound like much but in today’s world where Grab no longer give out promo codes like candies? It’s super valuable.


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