Don’t Say Bojio: Free Pizza with No Min. Purchase in All Pizza Hut Outlets on 13 August 2019

Image: Pizza Hut

Tell me you don’t love pizzas and I’ll unfriend you on Friendster.

The dish that you can keep in the fridge and heat up again the next day could be the second best invention after air-conditioner: it’s easy to eat, fills up your stomach fast and can’t go wrong on the taste factor.

But its price has always been a deterrence, unless you’re willing to take the $1 pizza from your neighbourhood bakery.

What if…there’s a free pizza with no minimum purchase?

Pizza Hut: Hold my pan.

FREE Pizza on 13 August 2019

While other restaurants are cracking their brains to come out with dishes mixed with a local touch, Pizza Hut’s got other plans.

Instead, they’ve decided to tap on the culture that’s so local, we even have a character named after it: Mr Kiasu.

13 August 2019 is, no doubt, going to be the bluest working day for many of us: after a super long weekend, the thought of seeing your boss again is just as scary as being trapped in a bathroom with a flying cockroach.

And so, Pizza Hut will be giving away a record-breaking 3,186 pizzas across all its 59 outlets islandwide to celebrate Singapore’s birthday and help you combat the back-to-work blues.

Image: Pizza Hut

As a tribute to the nation’s 54th birthday and to commemorate Singaporeans’ love for pizza, Pizza Hut will be giving away 54 regular pan pizzas per store, with no minimum purchase required, while stocks last.

Well, at least they specifically mention the number of pizzas available so we won’t see a repeat of the Huawei queue.

This is the perfect back-to-work pick-me-up!

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Date:     13 August 2019, Tuesday
Time:     12pm onwards
Location: Islandwide – find your nearest outlet here

And here are the terms and conditions:

  • Only applicable for a regular-sized Hawaiian pan pizza
  • Takeaway only
  • Limited to 1 redemption per customer, while stocks last

By the way, you don’t need to be 54 years old or above to redeem the pizzas.

All the best next Tuesday!