Don’t Say Bojio: Get Swissbake, Soup Spoon Products & More At Up To 54% Off Today (15 Sep)

Image: Swissbake Facebook Page

Are you a fan of Soup Spoon’s soup, Swissbake or Udders’ products?

Because if you are, you’re going to love this.

Not only can you enjoy them in the comfort of your own home, you can get them at the fraction of the usual price.


If you’re salivating at the thought of it, here’s a place you need to be at today.

portopantry Last Factory Sale

Image: Portopantry Facebook Page

Make your way down to portopantry’s factory sale happening on 15 Sep 2018.

There, you can expect up to 54% discounts on products like assorted cake cubes, ZAC Butchery’s fresh grass-fed beef rib-eye, Ready-To-Eat Chicken Thigh with Homemade Green Curry among many others.

Image: Swissbake Facebook Page

I mean, 20% OFF udders mao shan wang durian ice cream? In other words, a 16 oz tub for just $14.80? By the way, Udders is one of the greatest ice cream to have ever landed in Singapore.

Or Swissbake Assorted Cake Cubes and Swiss Rolls at just $10.80.

And the best part? You can have PastaMania’s Baked Chicken Aglio Olio with Pesto Cauliflower at just $5.

This will be the last portopantry factory sale, so chances are, you’re not going to see such amazing deals for a long, long time.

And it’s only happening for one day so don’t blur blur go on a Sunday hor.

Plus, if you drive, there’s free parking so you can spend as much time as you want to browse the selections leisurely.

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Where: Commonwealth Capital, 7 Buroh Lane S(618291)
When: 15 Sep 2018, 9 am – 2 pm

Bonus: Get Buy-3-Get-2 Starbucks Drinks Deals & More When You Play Starbuck’s Online Quiz

If you’ve been paying attention to the Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page, you’d have noticed this video uploaded on 11 Sep.

Now, most times, people ignore these type of posts. We’re here to just get deals and see what new stuff you have, not do more work.


But this quiz is one that you must take. Because after completing the quiz, you’ll get deals that can be used immediately at all Starbucks outlets.

And the quiz’s pretty easy to answer. Around 3 minutes 36 seconds to complete for me.

They’d ask easy questions like “When you prefer your coffee”, “how you prefer your coffee” and “whether you need it in the morning to function properly”.

At the end of the quiz, they’ll tell you the type of coffee that best suits you, plus the surprise.

And that’s not the best part.

And I Found Out That The Quiz Can Be Retaken Like O-Levels

Except you don’t have to wait one entire year to retake. So, i retook it and got the deal I wanted.

Just to be safe, I checked my account to see if they’d wiped out the previous rewards. And no, they didn’t.

You can try all you want until you get the deal that you’ve always wanted. Not too bad, eh? Only thing is, you’ll need to have a Starbucks account.

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