Don’t Say Bojio: Hello Kitty EZ-Charms Available Exclusively on Shopee From 16 Jan 2019

Image: Shopee

Come 2019, I’ve grown to realise a number of things:

  • Trump isn’t gonna step down anytime soon
  • Steven Lim is probably still scouting models
  • The Cai Png stall near my workplace is so good 11/10 will go again

But none of them, earth-shaking as they are, come close to this particular revelation:

EZ-Link Charms are slowly but surely taking over Singapore.

Image: Singapore Promotions

Wondering what these deft little things are? Well, they’re pretty much just charms. That you use to tap in and out on transportation vehicles.


And they’re pretty darn popular too. The Snorlax EZ-Link charm, for example, was sold out within mere hours.


These Doraemon EZ-Link charms, for another, flew off the shelves in just 24 hours.

Image: Great Deals Singapoire

And you kind of get it. They’re cute; people want it. It’s a supply and demand kind of thing.

Which is why EZ-Link’s latest product, the Hello Kitty EZ-Link charms…

Are probably gonna disappear off the shelves lightning-quick too.

Two hours, I’m calling it.

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The EZ-Link Charm That Can’t Hold Stuff, But Is Able To Tap That… Device

Lest you’re unaware, Shopee is this online marketplace where you can purchase items, apparel and all things ‘necessary’ for prices arguably lower than store-tied prices.


But what people don’t realise is that other than Baby Shark, Shopee is also known for another thing:

EZ-Link charms.

In fact, just a few months back, they partnered up with EZ-Link to release the aforementioned Doraemon EZ-Charms.

Image: Carousell

Which sold out within 24 hours, by the way.

And following that explicit burst of success, Shopee has teamed up with EZ-Link again, to produce what every Hello Kitty fan must surely be crying out for right now:

Fortune Hello Kitty EZ-Link charms.

Come 16 January, these Fortune Hello Kitty EZ-Charms will be made available exclusively on EZ-Link’s official store on Shopee, at just $29.90.

Image: Giphy

Incidentally, Shopee has warned that stocks might fly off the shelves real quick, and we’re not doubting it, what with Singaporeans’ thirst for all things cute and Hello Kitty.

And so, your best bet might be to camp by your phones and add the beauties to your cart, once the clock strikes midnight on the 16th.

Image: Tenor

And so what’re you waiting for?

If you’re a fan of Hello Kitty, or you’re being threatened by your girlfriend at knifepoint to get one, you know what to do. Mark down the date, 16 January, and always remember.

Fastest finger wins.

Image: Reddit

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