Don’t Say Bojio: IKEA Christmas Buffet Tickets Up For Grabs (Just One Day)

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IKEA is known for two things.

Their affordable furniture that might not last very long and their sausage parties.

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Okay, fine, I’m kidding.

They’re not just about sausage parties. They’re way more than that.

I’m talking meatballs


Chicken wings


Set meals




And more!

It’s no wonder why there are some people who travel all the way to IKEA just for the food, no?

If you’re a die-hard fan of IKEA food (especially the meatballs, yum), then you’re going to be psyched for what’s coming next in the article.

IKEA Christmas Dinner Buffet Tickets Up For Grabs

Every year, IKEA host a Christmas dinner for Singaporeans to get into the vibe.

I’m talking free-flow meatballs, turkey legs, Christmas desserts and more.


Here’s what you need to know


From now until 16 Dec, you can buy tickets to IKEA’s annual Christmas Buffet Dinner at early bird prices.

  • Adults: $30 for 1 IKEA FAMILY member & 1 guest
  • Kids (4-12 years old): $10
  • Kids below 4 years old: FREE (as long as you can prove his age, he can be 1.7m for all the restaurant cares)

From 17 to 21 Dec, you can get the tickets at the normal price. No early bird but that’s okay. Still pretty worth it for what you’re gonna get.

  • Adults: $40 for 1 IKEA FAMILY member & 1 guest
  • Kids (4-12 years old): $10
  • Kids below 4 years old: FREE (as long as you can prove his age, he can be 1.7m for all the restaurant cares)

You can purchase your tickets at the IKEA restaurant or the Swedish Food Market only, on a while stocks last basis.

Make sure to be fast cuz the dinner’s only on for one day at two different time slots:

  • 21 Dec 2018: 5.30 to 7.30 pm / 8 to 10 pm

But there’s a catch: the person has to be an IKEA FAMILY member

So here’s how the buffet works according to our understanding. The adult tickets are like a package.

An IKEA FAMILY member will purchase the $30 (early bird) or $40 (not-so-early-bird) adult tickets, and he or she will be able to bring one guest along for the event.

Which isn’t much of a catch, if you think about it.

After all, the membership’s free and you’ll get a temporary card the moment you apply. Then, you have one year to spend more than $100 to make it a lifetime membership. Easy, right?

Here’s what you’re getting for The Buffet

We’re talking mulled non-alcoholic wine or Raisin and almond mix for condiments. 11 cold dishes including baked smoked salmon and pickled herring.

4 mains including meatballs, Christmas-centric desserts and free-flow soda, coffee and tea.

Basically, everything you’ve ever wanted for Christmas, you can probably get it there.


Check out the full menu below:


So what are you waiting for?

Time to make plans with your friends and/or family, set a date and grab your tickets today.


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