Don’t Say Bojio: IKEA Chicken Wings for S$1/pc from 5 Sep – 27 Oct 2019 & Kids Eat For Free from 9 -13 Sept

Image: IKEA


Normal people would go to IKEA to buy furniture.

But for the cultured people, we all know that the true function and purpose of IKEA is the food.


But before I elaborate on that, let me first intro you this deal.

S$1 Chicken Wing/pc, 5 Sept to 27 Oct 2019, 3-5pm Mon-Fri

Image: IKEA

Hot damn- S$1? Where do I smash that want button?

Image: Giphy

But before you get too excited, know that we’re limited to 12 pcs per purchase, and it’s only limited to members. Not available on weekends and public holidays as well.

And before you get disappointed, membership is FREE!

Damn you, goody writer, stop playing with my emotions like that.

All you need to do is sign up here.


And if you really want to maximise your visit to IKEA, here’s one more deal for you.

Image: Giphy

KiDS EAT FREE from 9-13 Sept 2019, Mon-Fri

Image: IKEA

Don’t ask me why the words are capitalised like that. It’s just how IKEA rolls. Every main meal from the regular adult menu gives you one free meal per child.

Valid only for dine-in, Mon-Fri, except public holidays.

Shameless poor writer thought: what is the definition of a child in IKEA? Can this Doraemon doll count as a child (Btw, that’s for a giveaway. Follow us on Instagram for more giveaways in the future.)? Does any adult out there want to adopt me as a child?

So let me tell you the best way to abuse everything we know.

Go on Wednesday, 11 September. This way you get the $1 chicken wings, the free kids meal, and you also get…

Image: IKEA

Super Wednesday 20% off for 8 pcs meatballs. Then finish it off with a FIKA set for dessert and drink. It’s the whole meal decided for you with discounts.

Sounds good? Gucci.

Why I Go To IKEA For The Food

Think about it.

If you mention IKEA, meatballs come into mind, but there’s no particular set of furniture that you can associate IKEA with. That’s checkmate.

IKEA = food. And the best part is that it’s cheap.

Don’t believe me? Then how about this particular quote from Gerd Diewald, the person running IKEA’s food operations in the US:

“We’ve always called the meatballs ‘the best sofa-seller’

“Because it’s hard to do business with hungry customers. When you feed them, they stay longer, they can talk about their [potential] purchases, and they make a decision without leaving the store. That was the thinking right at the beginning.”

Confused? You won’t be after reading this from Chris Spear, a chef who worked at IKEA before:

“Their policy is to be the absolute lowest price on that item within a 30-mile radius, even if it means selling at a loss.


“They’re reinforcing the low-price profile of the store. So, they take a hit on the food but just sold you $1,000 in furniture. It’s the same thing other stores do with loss leaders to get you in the door, but I thought it was interesting to use food to sell furniture and housewares.”

But now that you know… IKEA won’t be taking more of my furniture money no more.

Image: Giphy

Ain’t nobody ripping me away from my money.

*impulse buys a block candle lantern and other useless things from IKEA after eating chicken wings and meatballs*

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