Don’t Say Bojio: IPPUDO Signature Ramen For Only $9.90++ at Shaw Centre on 1 Mar

Do you like ramen?

No, not instant ramen, not Korean ramen (which is often just instant ramen), but Japanese ramen.


We’re talking about pork bones that have been painstakingly simmered down for as long as 12 hours until the fats have emulsified into a cloudy white broth. And they’re often served with thin springy noodles, and topped with meaty cuts of roasted pork.

Those who have some experience with these beautifully crafted bowls of joy will understand that there are many types of ramen, with different flavours and consistencies catering to different palates.

If you’re into the rich and porky variety that has been simmered for hours into a creamy decadent broth, you’re in luck because IPPUDO specialises in tonkotsu ramen.

And You Can Try Their Ramen Bowls For Yourself For Cheap

Credits: Ippudo SG Facebook

Here’s the deal: the IPPUDO outlet at Shaw Centre will be selling their Shiromaru Motoaji and Akamaru Shinaji bowls at $9.90 each (GST and service charge not included).

With the original prices at $15.00 and $16.00 respectively, that’s a saving of $5.10 and above!


The promo will be available all day on 1 Mar 2019 at their Shaw outlet only, so make sure you don’t visit the wrong shop, yeah?

Limited Edition Tote Bag

To entice you further, if you spend a minimum of $30 during your visit, it’ll get you a limited edition tote bag so you can flaunt your love for good deal ramen on the streets!

Bags are limited so visit their shop early to avoid any disappointment.

Wait, There’s More

From 26 February to 30 April 2019, a rare opportunity presents itself.

Image: Ippudo SG Facebook Page

20 bowls of the 2017 World Ramen Grand Prix winning dish, Jun Ramen Nanabushi, will be available at the Shaw Centre outlet daily.

The ramen was created by Ōshige Yōhei, the head chef of Ōshige Shokudō, and with 7 different types of meat in the broth, including puffer fish, tuna, mackerel, sardine, chicken, pork and beef all strained through a coffee siphon, into a flavourful broth.

Reviews of those who managed to get a taste of this creation in 2018 revealed the broth to be light and crisp, yet commendably robust in flavour.

What’s more, this dish is exclusive to Japan, and now in Singapore for this duration. A true must try for ramen enthusiasts!

So what are you waiting for? Time to make your way down to the Ippudo @ Shaw Centre on 1 Mar.

  • Address: 1 Scotts Road #04-22/23 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
  • Opens from Monday to Sunday 11.30am – 10pm (Last order at 9pm)
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