Don’t Say Bojio: KFC 11.11 Codes Gives You 10-Pc Chicken Bucket For $11, Popcorn Chicken For $1.10

In Singapore, 11:11 means, I’m thinking of you.

And in China, it means, FML, I’m single.

But today, 11.11 no longer hold the same meaning.

It has deviated from its roots of love into something…more.

More practical.

More fun.

And most importantly, more inclusive.


Or more specifically, online shopping.

Here’s how the story goes:

Alibaba, China’s biggest e-commerce website decided that 11.11 shouldn’t be a day for young men and women to stress over their lack of love life.

Instead, they decided to turn it into a day of happiness.

So they got thinking: What makes people happy? Is it food? Oh…I know! Retail therapy.

And what’s better than retail therapy? Retail therapy for cheap, right?

And so, 11.11, the biggest online shopping day was born.

Everyone Wants A Piece of 11.11

In case you misunderstand me, shopping, in this case, doesn’t simply mean e-commerce websites.

Everybody wants a piece of 11.11; we’re talking about huge brands with a lot of physical stores, furniture stores and everything else.

Including KFC.

KFC 11.11 Deals

This 11.11, KFC is running finger-lickin’ good promotions on their KFC delivery service.

And let’s just say, even if you’re on a diet, you’ll find it hard to resist them.

BuffLord95: True, that is, brother.

We’re talking whipped potato at 11 cents

Image: Facebook (KFC Singapore)
  • Usual price: $3.40
  • Code to redeem: WP11

Popcorn chicken at $1.10

Image: Facebook (KFC Singapore)
  • Usual price: $4.60
  • Code to redeem: POP11

And a 10-piece chicken bucket for only $11

Image: Facebook (KFC Singapore)
  • Usual price: $22.35
  • Code to redeem: 10FOR11

Terms & Conditions Apply:

  • Valid on 11 Nov 2019 only
  • Available for delivery only
  • Only 1 redemption per transaction
  • Minimum order of $14 before the delivery surcharge
  • Not valid with other promo codes, offers and discounts

In other words? Try your luck with the chicken bucket first before working your way down to the whipped potato.


Make sure to be fast because with how good the deals are, you can be sure they’re going to be selling like hotcakes.

Sorry KFC for using your rival’s tagline.

Feel like dining in or going to KFC to buy your fried chicken? Check out here for their latest coupons and vouchers.

You’re welcome~

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