Don’t Say Bojio: KFC 25-pc Nuggets, 10-pc Tenders or 5-pc Chicken at Just $10

Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve not hit your maximum calorie intake today, it’s time to assemble your baes, fams and squads, because if you’re willing to share, you can get a KFC nugget for mere $0.40.

Yeah, no kidding.

Poor Andy (that’s not Andy?).

KFC $10 Promotion for Their Chick ‘N Share Deals

If you’re one who don’t like Sharing on Facebook, no worries: you can share this food instead.

From now until an unspecific period, these buckets of goodness would be going for mere $10 each:

  • 5 pcs Chicken (U.P $16)
  • 10 pcs Hot & Crispy Tenders (U.P $13)
  • 25 pcs Nuggets (U.P $14.4)

That’s like $2 for a piece of chicken, $1 for a tender or $0.40 for a nugget.

According to a video by KFC, it might be able to restore a broken relationship:

The deal is for both dine-in and takeaway.

But there’s more, if you’re looking for a real meal (and not to patch up with your ex who likes going to KFC after a breakup).

KFC $16 Chick ‘N Share Meals

For $16, you can dine like a king with these following buddy meals (with no straws, BTW):

Chicken Share Meal (U.P $27.2)

  • 5 pcs Chicken
  • 2 med Whipped Potato
  • 2 reg Pepsi Black

Tenders Share Meal (U.P $24.2)

  • 10 pcs Tenders
  • 2 med Whipped Potato
  • 2 reg Pepsi Black

Nuggets Share Meal (U.P $25.6)

  • 25 pcs Nuggets
  • 2 med Whipped Potato
  • 2 reg Pepsi Black
Image: KFC Singapore

Of course I’m just as saddened as you that the grilled chicken isn’t part of the promotion, but let’s wait. Pretty sure they’re reading this, so if we pray hard enough, they might just have a deal of one grilled chicken at $0.10 #nothingisimpossible

As mentioned, these promotions are available only for dine-in and takeaway now, but from 15 October 2018 onwards, they’ll be available for delivery, too.

Time to feast without breaking the wallet, my friend.

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