Don’t Say Bojio: KFC Launching New Mac ‘N Cheese Original Recipe Burger Tomorrow (2 Oct)

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Someone once said:

“Cheese is overrated. It’s overhyped. People have been glorifying it for years and IT’S A LIE. IT’S OVERRATED. I would rather eat my granddad’s curled goatee than touch cheese. Ever.”

And well, suffice it to say; I’ve since burned the dude’s house down. Last I checked he was living in the mouth of the Merlion, but I’ve since gotten people to demolish it too.

Nobody insults cheese in my presence. Nobody.

Image: Tenor

All those who insult cheese… shall die-

“Hey, dude have you heard about KFC’s latest invention?” my colleague asked.

“What?” I replied, still staring at cheese porn on my laptop.

“They’ve got a new item on the menu, and it’s sick.”

“I’m not interested.”

“It’s cheese.”

I couldn’t help it. I turned around.

“5 Ws and 1 H about it. Now.”

Don’t Say Bojio: KFC Launching Mac ‘N Cheese Original Recipe Burger From 2 October

Always fancied Mac ‘N Cheese in honest to goodness burger form?

Well, you just got your wish.

This 2nd October, feast your eyes, mouth and little fingers on a treat so delectable, so feisty, so cheesy that it’s gonna make cheese porn look like a complete joke:


The Mac ‘N Cheese Original Recipe Burger, everyone.

Image: KFC Singapore

Witness Mac N’ Cheese battered and fried to golden perfection in a patty, and a finger lickin’ Original Recipe Chicken fillet to give the burger that familiar KFC taste. And to top things off?

Everything’s topped with KFC’s signature cheese sauce. Because there’s never enough cheese.

Image: Giphy

And to cement the burger’s future placement in KFC’s Hall Of Fame, the deliciousness is further amped up with mayonnaise and fresh lettuce, all nestled in between two slices of fragrant sesame seed buns.


Image: Giphy

As KFC so aptly puts it:

“This is one burger that’s packed full of flavours you wouldn’t want to miss.”

Alright Confess; How Much Is It Gonna Be?

According to KFC, the ala-carte version’s gonna weigh in at a reasonable $6.30.


Image: KFC

The Mac N’ Cheese O.R. Burger Meal, complete with fries and Pepsi, will cost $8.45.

Image: KFC

And to really dish out the affordability, the Mac N’ Cheese O.R. Burger Box will be pushing out all of the above, PLUS 2 pcs Hot & Crispy Tenders and 1 reg Whipped Potato, for just $9.95.

Image: KFC


AND for just $2, feel free to add 6 pieces of golden nuggets to your meal.

Image: KFC

Now that’s a meal, fit for a colonel.

So… What On Earth Are You Waiting For?

You wished for it.

And now you’re getting it.


KFC’s all-new Mac N’ Cheese O.R. Burger will be hitting the stores tomorrow (2 October 2019), so prepare yourselves, because if there’s one thing for sure…

It’s that 2 October might quite possibly be the cheesiest day in a long, long time.

Image: Giphy

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