Don’t Say Bojio: KFC S’pore Now Selling Boneless Chicken Steak

Are you the type that detests having bones in your meat?

Are you the type that always asks for 起骨 (boneless) when ordering your chicken rice?

If so, you’re like me.

We already work so hard and suffer so much in every aspect of your life, mostly at work or in school.

Why put yourselves through the extra ordeal of having to pick apart the meat from the bones, when eating is supposed to be the most enjoyable part of life next to sleeping?

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KFC is yet another culprit of this.

While I absolutely love their fried chicken, I can’t stand the fact that their 2-piece chickens are filled with bones.

I can make an exception for drumsticks because it’s just one stick of bone in the middle and its meat is tastier. So I usually request for both drumsticks when I order my 2-piece chicken.

My friends call me dumb because apparently, the bone-filled detestable monstrosity is “more worth it”.

Well, if you understand my pain, you’re in luck.

And you might not have to face this problem next time. At least with KFC’s next genius product.

Introducing the all-new original recipe chicken steak by KFC.

Image: KFC Facebook

This new fried chicken is looking finger-lickin’ good.

The thick, flavourful sauce encompassing the crispy, tender, juicy, and simply delectable chicken makes for one truly irresistible combination.

If that photo wasn’t enticing enough, KFC even prepared a video.


Original Recipe Chicken Steak

Sorry (not sorry) for the false alarm, but we've really created a different original, just for you! Also, the only steak here is our chicken steak. The Original Recipe Chicken Steak – No bones, all meat. Just the way you love it. Get yours today! #ORChickenSteak #NoBonesAllMeat

Posted by KFC on Thursday, 8 August 2019

Yep, you read correctly.

The all-new chicken steak is completely boneless.

Gone are the days of having to chew carefully, having to pick apart bones from the meat, and having to spit out bones that you accidentally bit off with your meat.

Simply slice away with your fork and knife and enjoy, or grab it by your hands and bite down on it if you like to rock your feast that way.

The future is here.

Image: Giphy

Seriously, time for all lagging restaurants to start making all their meats boneless.

Even chicken rice stalls are more advanced than you.

Simi is “chicken steak”?

While steak is usually beef, fish, pork, or mutton, this state-of-the-art chicken steak looks to be storming its way to the front of meat choices.

But it looks more like a cutlet, just sayin’.

But hey, I’m not complaining.

In fact, KFC’s just got itself one more frequent customer. And many more to come, I’d expect.

The queue’s gonna be lining up all the way from Singapore to Kentucky.

So head down to your nearest KFC outlet soon.

Or, you know, go online and order it yourself.