Don’t Say Bojio: Mala/Chilli Crab Mini Lobsters With Mantou, Mini Crabs From $5 In Halal Ang Mo Kio Hub Eatery

Seafood’s expensive.

You’d think a little red dot like Singapore which used to be a small fishing village long ago would have cheap seafood.

But it ain’t cheap, y’all.

We used to be all about the 5 Cs (the older peeps would know this means cash, credit card, car, condo and country club membership). Doesn’t it make a lot of sense for a country that likes food to add one more to the list: seafood?

I guess Asians would prefer to have As rather than Cs nowadays…

Here’s a random haiku:

Fishes be callin’,
and my wallet is cryin’
Gosh! seafood save me

Gosh? What’s that?

I’m glad you asked… Cause that’s the seafood I’m talking about that’ll save my wallet and yours.

But before I tell you where, let’s look at what they offer.

Mini Crabs For S$5

Image: GOSH By Seafood Hunter

That’s right. It’s only $5 for the good stuff. Who needs to spend time cracking shells and digging out crab meat from huge crabs anyway?

Just bite the whole thing and get some of that crispy deep-fried goodness.

Mini Lobster With Mantou For S$6.80

Image: GOSH By Seafood Hunter

Take that, Burger and Lobster. Why pay seven to 10 times the price for lobster and a roll when you can get fried mantou and a mini lobster?

You can even choose the sauce you prefer your lobsters to be swimming in. Chilli crab or Mala. Or swap the mantou for rice.

Here’s a tip straight from their website: Suck the juice from the head of the mini lobsters to amp-up your tastebuds. Bon appétit!

Seafood Nasi Lemak

Image: GOSH By Seafood Hunter

And if you really want to have a complete meal, why not complete the full thing with nasi lemak?

How is this possible? Are all these real?

Image: Giphy

Oh yes, it’s real. Here’s a pic from Instagram:

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And if you’re still in disbelief… here’s their menu taken from Facebook:

Image: GOSH By Seafood Hunter

Halal Eatery In Ang Mo Kio Hub

Yeah, it’s even Halal.

And it’s in a pretty chill place, taking the fuss out of the mess of eating seafood:

Image: GOSH By Seafood Hunter

Location: 53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #B2-48, AMK Hub, Singapore 569933
Opening hours: 10am to 10pm, daily

There’s only one way to talk about this discovery…

Oh. My. Gosh!

Image: Giphy

Berita Harian Readers Get S$5 Worth of Breaded Oyster For Free

If you happen a reader of Berita Harian, until 22 Sep 2019, you can get S$5 worth of breaded oyster for free if you show them this article with any purchase:

Image: GOSH By Seafood Hunter
Image: GOSH By Seafood Hunter

It’s just good stuff upon good stuff given by Gosh!

Time to be hunting some seafood.