Don’t Say Bojio: Manekineko $10 Nett For 2-Hour Session With Free-Flow Drinks + Tidbits Back Again

Sometimes, at the end of the day, we all just want to sing our hearts out in the shower or in our rooms while blasting music.

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Sometimes, we also get scorned by our (beloved) family members for sounding so horrible that glasses would shatter, or by (really sensitive) neighbours who complain about the music pounding through the thin walls.

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What other choices, then, do we have but to turn to karaoke rooms? Exquisite, luxurious, expensive karaoke rooms. Sure, we get to sing our hearts out for an hour or two. But we also cry our hearts out at the price when we get pulled back to reality.

With a serious lack of money, where can we enjoy endless foods and drinks (even ice-cream!) and unleash our hidden Beyoncé potential while sinking into cosy sofas with the occasional cat companion?


Look no further — Manekineko is here to save the day!

Manekineko $10 Nett Promo Back Again


With merely $10 nett, avid karaoke lovers can look forward to two whole hours of singing, accompanied with food to fill your stomach so that you can continue pouring your heart out into a microphone.


The tidbits are nothing out of ordinary with the classical favourites found in most outlets, but Manekineko boasts 20 different drinks to enjoy, whether you’re feeling hot or cold.


The most attractive part is probably the location, which spans several accessible places:

  • Bugis+
  • *SCAPE
  • Orchard Cineleisure
  • Chinatown

It’s perfect for a full day of outing with your friends — from having lunch to karaoke to (window) shopping to dinner.

$3 More For Lunch Promo

If you can’t score an affordable lunch at these shopping districts, you can even have lunch at Manekineko itself, which provides promotions with lunch deals as well.

For $13 nett (only $3 more!), head to Orchard Cineleisure to enjoy the same $10 promotion, but with an additional meal.


But the $10 promotion stands for not only the shopping districts.

For those who live a little ways off and would rather not travel so far, Manekineko also operates at SAFRA Punggol, Toa Payoh and Jurong, as well as Marina Square.

One dire word of caution, though: ice-cream is only available at Orchard Cineleisure, Marina Square and Safra Punggol. So choose your cards wisely, because it’s soft-serve ice-cream we’re talking about here.

Available from 11am-6pm on all weekdays, this promotion is perfect for students but what about the adults that work tragic office hours?

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Source: Giphy

Don’t lose it; instead, head for their happy hour promotions for wine and beer after knocking off work.

With such attractive promotions, always remember to play safe, people. Don’t go for that 4-hour karaoke session no matter how appealing it may be, only to lose your voice the next day (though I suppose there are free-flow drinks for that)!

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