Don’t Say Bojio: McDonald’s M’sia Now Has Oreo’s Cookies & Cream Pie & Nestum McFlurry

Another food article to write before lunchtime.

Thanks, editors.

Jokes aside, haven’t you noticed our local McDonald’s has gotten quite creative lately?

Just last month alone we’ve had the chocolate banana pie and the return of Thai milk tea soft serve ice cream and McFlurry.

I still really want to try the latter.

Of course, we can’t be the only ones with special items because it seems our neighbour’s in Malaysia refuse to be outdone too!

A Galore Of New Items

It was recently reported that McDonald’s Malaysia has had a slew of new items come in.

And goodness, do I want to try some (all) of them.

Adding onto Mac’s already large repertoire of pies, McDonald’s Malaysia has recently introduced a new cookies and cream pie.

Look at that beauty.

The thing is made from oreo cookies with and a crispy chocolate crust. I can only imagine what that filling tastes like from the picture.

I actually shouldn’t imagine it because that would just make me feel sad.

With the pie out of the way, let us move on to the McFlurry.

The Nestum McFlurry is a combination of the Nestum cereal drink and ice cream.

The chocolate one is obviously the sweeter and more sinful of the two.

I’m personally more curious than excited for this since I’ve never had Nestum before.

You’re probably reading the title and thinking “Oh, this article is ending. Time to head back to daily life.”

We’re only halfway through.

I Said Galore

I sincerely think some of you guys may just floor your car pedals to JB after reading the rest.

Because their ice cream game has stepped up four-fold, literally.


The flavours are as follows: taro, matcha, caramel and mango.

Singapore Macs, please bring matcha ice cream and I will take twenty of those.

I’d personally give the caramel one a shot too but I’m not too sure about the Taro…

Not even going to ask if some of you are going to make a trip down for Macs because I can feel some of you planning a trip already.

Honestly? Same here.

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