Don’t Say Bojio: McDonald’s Now Giving Hello Kitty Or Beyblade Toy With Every Happy Meal

Fans of mouthless kitty, you’re going to want to hear this.

If the Hello Kitty carrier isn’t enough for your Hello Kitty fix, there’s more of them waiting for you.

Because McDonald’s is now giving out super cute Hello Kitty toys or a Beyblade with the purchase of every happy meal.

Happy Meals Made Happier

Image: Singpromos

From now until 18 Dec 2019, every purchase of Happy Meal will net you either a Beyblade that can be used in Beyblade battles or Hello Kitty characters such as the Borghild Project.

There are new designs available every Thursday at 11am so make sure to grab it before your favourite design is gone.

  • 14-20 Nov 2019: Shu Kurenai & Spryzen Requiem (Beyblade) / Mermaid Hello Kitty
  • 21-27 Nov 2019:  Free De La Hoya & Drain Fafnir (Beyblade) / Rockin’ Roll Hello Kitty
  • 28 Nov-4 Dec 2019:  CandyGirl & Nightmare Lúinor (Beyblade) / Hero Hello Kitty
  • 12-18 Dec 2019:  Valt Aoi & Genesis Valtry ek (Beyblade) / Princess Hello Kitty

It’s Not Just Toys

McDonald’s has partnered up with Cressida Cowell, a globally-renowned author and illustrator of the “How to Train Your Pig” series to come out with 12 hardcover books: Treetop Twins Adventures.

Image: Singpromos

You can choose to get either one free book or toy to go along with your happy meal.

One Thing For Sure

Better fast-hand-fast-leg, especially for the Hello Kitty toys because we all know how Singaporeans get when Hello Kitty is involved.


Items are in limited quantity and may not have made its way to all McDonald’s outlets yet.

So make sure you check before ordering, eh?

If not, your happy meal might just end up really unhappy instead.

Terms & Condition Apply

  • Happy Meal books and toys shown are for illustration purposes only
  • Happy Meal books and toys are only available while stocks last.
  • McDonald’s reserves the right to replace Happy Meal books and toys on offer without prior notice.
  • All promotion dates are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Happy Meal books and toys are non-exchangeable.
  • Prices of Happy Meal may vary across different restaurants.
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