Don’t Say Bojio: McDonald’s S’pore Selling Creamy Herb Chicken Pie At $1 From 4 July

McDonald’s has a long, long history of getting things done right, and sometimes wrong.

But one thing for sure, their latest Facebook post seems like they’ve done the right thing.

For Singaporeans anyway.

$1 Creamy Herb Chicken Pie

Yup, I’m talking about this.

The creamy herb chicken pie that drove Singaporeans crazy with excitement because that’s the first goddamned savoury pie McDonald’s released in recent history.

I mean, with an advertisement like this

And a description like this


Our first-ever savoury pie is a burst of creaminess that packs all the goodness of chicken, carrots, potatoes, peas and mushrooms, in a crispy and flaky pie crust – the first of its kind at McDonald’s.

Who could blame them?

Now, if you haven’t tasted this pie before, here’s our take on the Creamy Herb Chicken Pie when it first came out.

Not a Fan For Herb Lovers

From an Instagram point of view, it passes with a brown colour. The colour and texture match what’s seen in the video and website.

After downing the entire thing, I still can’t taste any herbs – do I have to buy it myself and insert it in? Or did we order the wrong pie?

Other than that, it tastes almost similar to any chicken pie you can find in a bakery. Granted that the taste isn’t dull, McDonald’s pies tend to go well with juicy and fruity fillings (other than the chocolate pie lah), not something creamy that feels microwaved.

An Additional Reason To Go To McDonald’s

No one makes dinner plans for one single pie, no matter how controversial it is. But what if it’s a legendary McDonald’s burger, the McSpicy, upgraded to deluxe.

Kind of like economy to premium economy seats on flights.

Look at the melting cheese and the fat oozing down into the patty. Is anyone going to say it doesn’t taste good? I’d have to be a special kind of snob to say this doesn’t at least make me feel hungry in a very unhealthy way.

I bit into the McSpicy, and I thought about the cheese adding a slight funk and how the tomato Jalapeno relish brought down the heat a little. I could write about all of that, but really, a McSpicy is still a McSpicy.

But if you like McSpicy, add 0.15 to your rating for this burger.


Rating: Your current McSpicy score+0.15/5

The Deluxe McSpicy costs S$5.90 ala carte. And when you compared it to the S$5.25 of the normal McSpicy. Add cheese is S$0.60. That means I’m paying 5 cents for extra tomatoes.

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