Don’t say bojio: MUJI S’pore is having a crazy sale (some items at $1.30!) due to their 13th anniversary

Some of us are very familiar with MUJI: it’s almost like a small department store with all things Japanese, from clothes to food to even house decorations. Some of us might not know about MUJI, since it has a cult following instead of a mainstream appeal.

But it all doesn’t matter, because all of us like discounts.

From now until 18 May 2016, MUJI outlets are having some crazy promotions because it’s their 13th anniversary: clothes are going at 13% off or at $13 off.


Either that, or items are being sold at just $1.30 or with 13% off.


Heck, if you’re early, there’re some items at 20% off too.


Here’s what MUJI is all about, lest you’re new to this awesome Japanese brand.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out all their outlets here. Let your friends know so that this weekend, you guys can have a MUJI spree!

*All images from Muji Singapore Facebook Page

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