Don’t Say Bojio: Nando’s Is Having A Special Pay-As-You-Wish Day on 15 September

There are tons of great things that you can do for charity. Donating your old clothes and books, volunteering to spend time at an old folks’ home, participating in charity runs, and…eating.

Hold up.

Yes, you read it right the first time. You can eat for charity. This is not a drill.

Pay-As-You-Wish Day

Or at least, you can do so at Nando’s!

To celebrate its nationwide makeover, Nando’s Singapore is having a very special event for its customers – a Pay-As-You-Wish day.

In case the title isn’t clear enough, it means you can pay any amount you wish for your meal.

Sounds unreal?

Image: Facebook – Nando’s

But, of course, this isn’t exactly an invitation for you to be a cheapskate and pay $2 for a 3-course meal.

Please don’t do that in case you actually had it in mind. 

Instead, it’s an opportunity for you to be generous and charitable while filling up your stomach with good food. All proceeds will be donated to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, which is why you’re basically eating for a good cause!

The Yellow Ribbon Fund is Singapore’s first and only national charitable fund devoted entirely towards the development and implementation of rehabilitation and reintegration programmes for ex-offenders and their families.

The event will take place at Nando’s Plaza Singapura, from 12pm to 3pm (last order at 2.30pm), and 6pm to 9pm (last order at 8.30pm).

Terms and Conditions

However, of course, there are some terms and conditions.

Image: Nando’s Singapore

Each table will be given a 60-minute dine-in experience, and diners are highly encouraged to ONLY order what they are able to finish, in order to prevent food wastage.

Customers are able to order a maximum of one drink, one main and a starter or dessert, but they don’t necessarily have to order all of the above.

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For example, you can get yourself one starter and one main, and then choose to donate any amount of money you feel like is sufficient for that meal.

Image: Nando’s Singapore

I guess it would be a good idea to go there early, as you can definitely expect a long queue. I mean, who’d want to miss a deal like this?

Looks like it’s time to mark your calendars and call your friends and family to join you in eating some delicious PERi-PERi chicken for a good cause!

Rumours have it that the more you donate, the higher chances you’d have in 4D. My boss says one.

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