Don’t Say Bojio: New IG-Worthy ‘Bandung’ Starbucks Drink Launched Today (27 July)

Image: elwynn / + Facebook (Starbucks Singapore)

This end July, prepare yourself because Starbucks Singapore has something so big, so aesthetic and so shiok you’re probably gonna shit your pants.

No, not in excitement, but because you’ve been controlling that constipation for a couple of days now.

Image: Giphy

ANYWAYS, back to the original topic:

Introducing Starbuck’s latest monster creation…


Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page
Image: Giphy

Formulated from a unique blend of brown sugar jelly, coconut rose blend and fluffy whipped cream, this is one drink that’s really everything its namesake promises:


PLUS, just look at the aesthetics. I might be no Instagram expert, but you can tell that babe’s gonna pull in the likes for you just fine. #honeypottingatitsfinest

Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

PLUS PLUS, grab a Venti-sized Shio-ah-ccino, and stand to receive a Shiok Drink Bag!

Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

How shiok can it possibly get?

Image: Tenor

Take note, however, that it’s while stocks last.

The bag, I mean. Not the drink.

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On the next episode of Netizens taste random shit for us

Honestly we’ve yet to taste the drink for ourselves (failed to steal our boss’s credit card), so we’ve absolutely no idea whether it tastes shiok or like cockroach milk infused with durian spikes.

But if the friendly Netizens over at Starbuck’s Facebook page are to be trusted… it’s apparently pretty yummy…

Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

And it supposedly tastes something similar to Bandung.

Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

Which I’m sure Bandung lovers would surely appreciate.

But being true blue Singaporeans, one thing draws our attention like bees are to nectar.

Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

Free stuff anyone.

Also, this drew my attention.

Image: Starbucks Singapore Facebook Page

May I have Conventional Drink Name That’s So Atas It’s More Atas than Atas please?

Other things of note

In light of the upcoming National Day event, Starbucks Singapore has also released a line of cakes that just seem to gnaw at our self-imposed diet plans.

Local Delights

Counting down to our nation’s big day with these familiar flavors. #OrhOrh KIT KAT® Chocolate Cake, #TokKong NESTUM® Cake & #SedapLah Pandan Gula Melaka Cake #SuperShiok

Posted by Starbucks Singapore on Monday, 23 July 2018

Feast your eyes (and teeth) on the #OrhOrh KIT KAT® Chocolate Cake, #TokKong NESTUM® Cake & #SedapLah Pandan Gula Melaka Cake, all treats that’ll surely get your sweet tooth all riled up.

Also, pie lovers would surely dig the coffee baron’s latest creations: the #MaiHum Chicken Laksa Pie and the #HiamAh Devil’s Curry Pie.

Rolling out the red carpet for our favorite local flavors. #MaiHum Chicken Laksa Pie & #HiamAh Devil’s Curry Pie #SuperShiok

Posted by Starbucks Singapore on Saturday, 21 July 2018


Very shiok.

So what are you waiting for?

With so many delectable treats at Starbucks, there’s really no better time to make your way down to one of their many outlets located islandwide.

So get going, and start making your day more Starbuck-licious.

P.S. We advise that you head down fast if you really want the bag, because because Singaporeans everyone’s surely gonna have the same thoughts.

P.S.S. don’t forget to gift us if you do get the free bag, because we here at Goody Feed dig free stuff too.

#wearesingaporeanstoo #dontjudge

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