Don’t Say Bojio: Order Food Delivery & Win Return Flight Tickets To HK, BKK Or Taipei!

Did we just said that you can order good food direct to your doorstep and stand a chance to win return flight tickets worth hundreds of dollars?

I think we did.

And it’s only during the month of National Day can you get such good deals in Singapore.

When we heard about this lobang, we knew we had to share it with you immediately. Because BFF mah.

honestbee Celebrates Singapore’s Birthday


For the month of August (7-31 Aug), honestbee is celebrating Singapore’s 52nd birthday by giving away 52 return flight tickets (26 pairs) to Bangkok, Hong Kong or Taipei.

Yeah, Bangkok, Hong Kong or Taipei, not Buangkok, Hong Kah or Tai Seng.

All you got to do is to order food on honestbee FOOD, Singapore’s latest food delivery service that is set to be the solution for your hangry.

With no delivery charges and no minimum order imposed on their customers, they claimed to be offering the best perks in the market for customers.

And yes, we’re talking about honestbee, the local startup that is well-known for its fast grocery delivery service, in which bees—I mean, people—will help you shop and deliver your groceries in about an hour.

Lest you’re not aware, this startup grows as fast as their bees: in two short years, they have expanded to eight cities in Asia, and now, they’re expanding to something that all Singaporeans love: food.

Or to be more specific, food delivery.

And here’s something even better: for a start, new users get to receive $10 off their first $20 order with the promo code GF10 (until 30 September 2017).

And of course, that chance to fly to Bangkok, Hong Kong or Taipei.

How you can join in the competition


Just take note that for the competition, you are required to spend a minimum of $15 per order to be eligible for the competition.

Here’s what you got to do:

  • Place an order for food delivery from honestbee FOOD (min. $15)
  • Leave a comment with your order number and what you love most about Singapore on their Facebook Page Post
  • Be super creative because only the top 26 most creative answers will win the competition.

Each order entitles you to one chance so the more you order, the likelier you are to win.

Lucky winners stand to win a pair of return flight air tickets to Hong Kong, Taipei or Bangkok.

And the best part? You choose where you want to go between these three destinations. To be honestbee, that’s the toughest choice to make, isn’t it?

And what restaurants should you order from? You can order from any restaurants but I thought I’ll save you the first-world problem of choosing what to eat and suggest a few of them.

Here’s the first: Gurney Drive’s Signatures. With that, you won’t need to travel to Penang to enjoy Penang favourites like Assam Laksa and Fried Kway Teow.

Image: Gurney Drive

In the mood for something a bit more…Korean? Check out Bonchon Chicken that places taste above looks in every dish.

They might not be the best when it comes to the plating of food but when it comes to taste, it’s a whole different story altogether.

Image: Bonchon Chicken

Not in the mood for a full meal, but wants a perk-me-up sugar treat in the middle of a work day?

You can’t go wrong with Krispy Kreme. There’s just this one little problem: order it and your colleagues might just finish all up the donuts before you can even Instagram it.

Image: Krispy Kreme

To be very, very honestbee, $15 for a pair of flight tickets worth hundreds of dollars? And that money is also going to make you happy (i.e. fill up your stomach).

And remember, if you’re a new user, you can get $10 off your first $20 order with the promo code GF10. Do the maths and you’ll realize it’s a deal that you really can’t miss.

What are you waiting for? Time to be lazy and order food delivered to you liao (and maybe plan for your trip)!

This article was first published on and is written in collaboration with honestbee FOOD.

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