Don’t Say Bojio: Play An ‘Escape Room’ Game in a S’pore Shopping Mall & Stand to Win $1,000!

No matter what age you’re at, you can’t deny that there’s a small part of you that craves for excitement. 

Anything to get you away from the mind-numbing reality that is working in Goody Feed—I mean, in Singapore.

And you’ve heard of escape rooms, right? 


Places where you’re allowed to be that adventurous person you’d read about in books, whether it be trying to solve a murder or trying to escape from a haunted house.

If you, like me, love such games, then you really got to hear about this escape game that takes place in a shopping mall. Yes, a shopping mall that has well over 188,000 sqft of area for you to find your clues.

And it’s happening right now.

The Seletar Mall 2nd Anniversary Birthday Hunt


For their 2nd anniversary, the mall is launching a mall-wide clue-hunting game called the birthday hunt in their mall.

No, not your birthday. The mall’s.

Shoppers must search for clues scattered throughout the mall and complete the Birthday Hunt card.

Should you manage to do so and submit it to the mall’s designated lucky draw box between 28 May 2017 (10:00 a.m.) to 2 July 2017 (7:00 p.m.), you’ll stand a chance to participate in the mall’s lucky draw.

Not only are you going to have fun, you might just be paid to do it.

Win Up to $1,000 in Shopping Mall Vouchers at their lucky draw


The top prize is shopping vouchers worth $1,000, the second prize is shopping vouchers worth $800 and the third, shopping vouchers worth $500. 

There are also five consolation prizes which give you $200 in shopping vouchers. 

To join the birthday hunt, spend a minimum amount of $30 and you will receive a Birthday Hunt Clue Card

Pretty simple considering there’s a FairPrice within the mall for you to get groceries for your mum. Or you can simply order ten cai pngs from the foodcourt for your whole family, because #caipngrulez

Only Singapore citizens, PRs and foreigners with a Singapore mailing address can participate.

For more information, click here.

And oh, just so you know, there’s also a giant playground in the mall with life-sized games like Giant Hippo and Junior Scavenger Mission. If you’re a student, you get to play for free simply by showing your student ID and Liking The Seletar Mall’s Facebook Page.

Image: Facebook (The Seletar Mall)

You’re welcome.

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This article was first published on and is written in collaboration with The Seletar Mall.