Don’t Say Bojio: Pokemon Is Collaborating With Casio To Bring Us Pikachu Watches


Pop Quiz time for y’all Pokémon fanatics!

What is Pikachu’s Pokédex number in the original game that was released in 1996?

Image: Poké

Nope, it’s not 1, 2, nor 3. It’s 25.

Pikachu is the 25th Pokémon in the original Pokédex. The first is actually Bulbasaur.

Don’t worry if you didn’t know. Because I wouldn’t have known if my editor didn’t thundershock me with information about Casio’s latest collaboration with The Pokémon Company!

Introducing the Pikachu x BABY-G Watch

So what’s this collaboration? Well, if your favourite Pokémon is Pikachu, you really should pay attention.

To celebrate BABY-G’s 25th anniversary, Casio has teamed up with The Pokémon Company to create a unique Pikachu BABY-G watch.


Why Pikachu? Well, in case you haven’t made the link yourself, it’s because Pikachu is Pokémon No.25.

What does it look like?

First, the watch is in the classic Casio black, throwing back to the iconic Casio look that we all associate with our childhood.


What sets this watch apart would be the unique “lightning and Pokémon” accent. The straps are adorned with the accent in various neon colours.

The pixelated style is to pay homage to the original retro feels of the game. The 0:25 in yellow on the band loop is yet another reference to the number 25.

Image: Zula

Apart from the usual Casio branding on the watch face, the official Pokémon logo is also featured at the top. As for the background of the watch face itself, there is a cute little pixel figure of Pikachu. There is also a unique branding graphic on the back of the watch face.


Look! It is identical to the Pikachu we see in the original game. It does have its own nostalgic charm to it.

Lifesized Pokéball

Okay, this is the part I’m most excited about. And you should too if you had the aspirations to become a Pokémon master once upon a time.

Image: Zula

The watch will come in a lifesized Pokéball. That’s right. The iconic red and white ball!


You know for sure, if I get my hands on this, I will be going around to catch ‘em all. Because, how can I not!

Casio Features

The watch will be of the BABY-G range, so naturally, it will come with the shock-resistant feature that G-SHOCK and BABY-G watches are known for. There will also be various functions like stopwatch, a countdown timer, and daily alarms.

If you’re a fan of Pokémon and Casio, don’t miss out on this collaboration. This watch will be on sale from November 2019 onwards. The price has not been released so definitely be on the lookout for that.


Meanwhile, in preparation for your inner Pokémon Master’s comeback, why not relive some of that childhood nostalgia and play/watch some Pokémon?

Image: Giphy