Don’t Say Bojio: POPULAR Sale in MBS Hall with Up to 70% Off


Looking for some new tidbits to try? Head down to your nearest POPULAR Bookstore now.

Looking for a new mouse for your laptop? Head down to your nearest POPULAR Bookstore now.

Looking for a new household appliance for your friend’s housewarming party? Head down to your nearest POPULAR Bookstore now.

By now, everyone should know that POPULAR Bookstore is more than a bookstore: it’s a lifestyle store, and the “book” in its name seems to be merely…a reminder how it got started.

And so, this expo sale isn’t just for the bookworms, but for everyone—even for the foodies, because there’ll be a section dedicated just for food.

No, in fact, this event isn’t for any bookworm at all.



Unlike the usual POPULAR Bookstore warehouse sale or their annual BookFest, the POPULAR Show is a new concept that, according to their website, “enhances and differentiates the way customers experience POPULAR’s brand and offerings.”

It would be “stationery, Gadgets & IT products, homes appliances, lifestyle products, titbits as well as family – friendly activities with a local twist.”

Yes, you’d have noticed a missing word: books.

Because it’s not an expo sale for books, but primarily a “Stationery & IT Show in Singapore” that “features lifestyle and consumer products”.

Now you know why it’s called POPULAR Show instead of POPULAR Bookstore Show.

Taking place in Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre B2 Expo Hall D & E, it’ll be held from today (28 June 2019) to 7 July 2019 between 11:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.

What can you expect?

Shows, a Pop-up Café and Even Instagram-Worthy Food

Other than the usual POPULAR products going for a big discount, POPULAR is going all out for this event, for there are events and activities every single day—even a Thai boyband, SBFIVE, is invited for a meet-and-greet session.

For a full listing of the events, you can tap here.


There’s also a pop-up café in the hall, and it’s not the usual café you see in town but a retro one:


The café by Mum’s Kitchen serves ironic local delights, perfect for an Instagram-worthy moment. And there’s even a “Fiesta Meal” that’s served in traditional tiffin!


I guess you can say that POPULAR is making traditional great again.

For more info about the event, tap here.