Don’t Say Bojio: Shopee Launches 8-Day Sale on Men’s Products With Up to 80% Off

For too long, women-only sales have reigned supreme.


Victoria’s Secret.


Editor: What else do you expect? They’re for women.

I know; I’m just listing them because I’ve no idea about the legit ones.

Editor: Wow, why did we get you in again?

But anyway, I’m sure you guys, the audience, get the idea.

This inequality between sexes has to stop. After all…

Where’s the equality? Where’s the meninism? Where’s the fairness in it all?

Shopee: Hold my beer.

Shopee’s 8-Day Sale on Men’s Products

If you’re a guy who’s chronically fanatic over online sales, this is definitely your thing.

Since Tuesday (2 April), everyone’s favourite online shopping destination Shopee has been embarking on a Men-exclusive sale that features diverse categories such as favourites on Lowest Price Guaranteed, upsized Flash Deals, games as well as vouchers. Additionally, the sale will involve five themed days, in which gaming, sports & fitness, tech and fashion will be covered.

The campaign kickstarted on 2 April and will conclude with the Super Men Sale on 10 April.

For a more detailed look at what the sale entails, here’s a brief guideline over the next few days.

Note: the gaming sale that ran from 2-3 April is no longer available.

Sports & Fitness Sale (4 – 5 April) – With discounted sports and fitness gear from brands like TYR and AIBI, athletes and fitness enthusiasts will definitely be pumped. Be sure to catch the Flash Sale Relay which will feature attractive deals from popular sports brands throughout the day.

Techie Sale (6 – 7 April) – Get the hottest and latest tech from top brands like Dell & Philips at even hotter prices. Don’t miss the limited Time-Shared Vouchers that will be released at specific times and redeem them throughout the day. Grab as many friends as you can to share the day’s Facebook post and unlock an even more attractive King Voucher.

Men’s Fashion Sale (8 – 9 April) – Last but certainly not least, the Men’s Fashion Sale will feature stylish threads from top brands like FILA, T.M. Lewin, Levis, and Dockers. Be on the lookout for Style Drops for some of the hottest styles, and 50% Off 500 Styles from popular men’s fashion brands

Super Men Sale (10 April) – And to end off the event with a huge bang, Shopee’s all set to deal it big on the last day, with upsized flash deals (with 6x time slots), upsized vouchers (with more redemptions), upsized game prizes (worth $5,000) and a lowest price guaranteed tag in place.

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Incredibly, that’s not all

Yes folks; Shopee’s still not quite done yet…

As the popular e-shopping platform has promised some sumptuous daily giveaways and games to cater to all your entertainment needs!


You can check out more info down here.

And so… what’re you waiting for?

If you’ve been craving a huge shopping spree for a while, or you just wanna enjoy some good ol’ man-time…

Shopee’s sale is one you can’t afford to miss.

So download that Shopee app if you haven’t already because trust me;

It’s time… to play the game. 😉

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And also download our app lah. Our app has no games but there’s BuffLord95 and XiaoBeach73.

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