Don’t Say Bojio: Shopee’s 6.6 Flash Deals Has Discounts Up to 91%

Every Singaporean knows that by this time of the year, they must have a sum of money all saved up.

Not because they need to buy air tickets to go overseas. There’s still time for that. But because the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) is coming real soon.

A wise man once said that finding really good deals in Singapore is akin to finding an influencer who posts images of a half-eaten cai png. I disagree: as long as you’ve got the Goody Feed app and the Shopee app, finding good deals like what we’re about to disclose is as easy as finding a cai png stall near your house.

‘Cuz here’s one to prove the wise man wrong: from 6 June onwards, there are deals that go all the way up to 91% off.

Yah, you’ve read it right. 91% off. Read on.

Shopee’s 6.6 Flash Deals From 6 to 8 June

If there’s one single thing that Shopee should be known for, it’s their flash deals. I know of people who religiously have to go to Shopee every day just to see what to buy (not that they need the items, though).

And to kick off their Great Summer Sale, they’re launching flash deals with prices as low as $0.66 at midnight from 6 to 8 June!

Using my incredibly (non-existent) good looks, I managed break into the Shopee office, talk to a few people there and find out about a few of their items going on promotion.

Laneige Intensive Eye Mask @ 89% OFF

Starting at 6 Jun 2018, 00:00 hours


Original Price: $5.90
Discounted Price: $0.66

Given how we’ve been staring at some sort of screen for the entire day, be it your computer, handphone or the windscreen, your eyes are always tired AF.

And this is just what you need to help relieve your tired eye muscles. Plus, this product can reduce dark spots and has a moisturising and whitening effect.

In other words, goodbye, Panda eyes.

And all that for under a single dollar.


Diatomite Water Absorbent Mat @ 58% OFF

Starting at 6 Jun 2018, 00:00 hours

Image: Shopee

Original Price: $15.90
Discounted Price: $6.60

Most times, we spend tons of money on soft fluffy towels, great silk underwear and amazingly fluffy bathrobes. But one part of the body that we’ve really neglected is our feet.

I mean, come on, these two babies keep you walking down the road of life. But instead of rewarding them, we typically neglect them like how my boss neglects me.

Now’s your chance to pamper them, for cheap.

Sink your aching feet into these ultra-soft, fluffy diatomite mat (slip-proof, by the way) after a warm, relaxing shower.

For less than $10. Nice!

Mayer Air Fryer + Cooksclub Blender @ 58% OFF

Starting at 6 Jun 2018, 00:00 hours

Original Price: $159.00
Discounted Price: $66.00

Now we’re getting to the big boys. Everyone loves fried food, right? They’re crunchy, and every bite is just so shiok. But here’s the thing: deep-fried food isn’t exactly a poster boy for good health.

Then some genius actually went and find out how to fry food the healthy way, and we end up with air fryers.

Fryers which makes equally crunchy food, except healthier. Like what a wise man once said, the best invention in the world is soaps, and and second one is air fryers.

Now, if you’ve ever wanted an air fryer, you’ll be put off by the price tag. Not this time though.

This time you can get one, together with a blender for just a bit over SGD$60. I dare you to go to any places and if you can get an air fryer with a blender for less than $66, we’ll donate our boss’s car to you.

Electro-Plated Slim Fit Soft Phone Case @ 77% OFF

Starting at 7 Jun 2018, 00:00 hours

Image: Shopee

Original Price: $2.90
Discounted Price: $0.66

What’s the most important thing in your life? Your wife? Your girlfriend? Nope. It’s your smartphone.

Don’t believe me? Ask your best friend if they’d choose between having to live without a smartphone for a day, or without a girlfriend for 5 years. They’re likely to choose the second one.

So, seeing as how your smartphone is the most important thing in your young life, shouldn’t you make it look as good as possible?

Now’s your chance to do so for less than a buck. For just 66 cents (Yes, cents), you can get your iPhone 7, 8, X or Samsung S8, Note 8, S9 and S9 Plus the best clothes possible.

Her Jewellery Elise Pendant (Crystals From Swarovski) @ 91% OFF

Starting at 7 Jun 2018, 00:00 hours

Image: Shopee

Original Price: $69.90
Discounted Price: $6.60

Looking to stock up on presents for your girlfriend? Or maybe, her birthday is coming up really soon. Like in December 2018.

Most boyfriends would’ve used this trick already, but if you haven’t, try this. Get her this beautiful, classy pendant that’ll be on selling for less than $10 and gift it to her.

And even if she bothered to Google for the price, it’ll show up as $69.90.

This is classic Girlfriend 101 tricks you got to know, guys.

And remember to tell her that the crystals are from Swarovski. High-SES present at a low price – that’s better than drinking rainbow coffee.

Merries Walker Pants Jumbo L27s x 6 packs (9 – 14 kg) @ 35% OFF

Starting at 7 Jun 2018, 00:00 hours

Image: Shopee

Original Price: $101.70
Discounted Price: $66.00

Calling out to all young parents out there, if your toddler happens to be able to fit the sized diapers, then you can’t miss out on this deal.

Diapers, for cheap.

And because it’s going for 6 packs at one time, you can stock up for a long, long time.

For all you know, you might just use it for your next child #justsaying

Hai Di Lao Dipping Sauce 120g (Spicy/Original) @ 79% OFF

Starting at 8 Jun 2018, 00:00 hours

Image: Shopee

Original Price: $3.20
Discounted Price: $0.66

Forget queueing up for hours outside Hai Di Lao. Heck, even a free manicure isn’t going to make me wait.

Okay, it did. But that’s beside the point.

Now, you can siam the queue and the price by buying your very own Hai Di Lao Dipping Sauce. Yes, the same sauces that makes people love going back to Hai Di Lao again and again.

In other words, you can get the Hai Di Lao experience at less than a single buck.

Now, that’s what I call a LIT deal. Agree?

PyunKang Yul Toner Mist (100ml) @ 75% OFF

Starting at 8 Jun 2018, 00:00 hours

Image: Shopee

Original Price: $26.90
Discounted Price: $6.60

Singapore isn’t a great place to live in. At least not for people who loves looking good, with so many influencers showing us that we look like Donald Ducks.

Here’s a savior.

Okay, answer these few questions to decide if you want to buy this product.

  • Do you have oily or shiny skin?
  • Are you prone to acne outbreak?
  • Do you sweat easily?

If you answer yes to these questions, then I’m afraid your face needs help. Like really serious help.

I totally get you. Facial care in Singapore is expensive. If you’ve got to choose between a Double Hokkaido Burger or a facial care product, Singaporeans will always go for the burger.


But this time, you can go for both the food and the beauty product.

For just $6.60, you get this magical water that can freshen you up in the hottest of days (and in front of the hottest of girls) and contain anti-inflammatory, energising and nourishing antioxidant that can keep your pimples to a minimum.

For the extra cash you’ve saved, you can buy many more burgers.

Western Digital My Passport 2.5 External HDD (1TB) @ 22% OFF

Starting at 8 Jun 2018, 00:00 hours

Image: Shopee

Original Price: $85.00
Discounted Price: $66.00

To Singaporeans, space is something that’s super important. Because we have so little space here, our houses are all expensive AF.

Now, while we have no good solutions to the problem of land space in Singapore, we do have one little hack to getting digital space for cheap.

Got some kind of videos you have to hide from your wife? Or maybe, movies that you want to stash away.

Whichever it is, get yourself a 1TB Western Digital External HDD for just a little over 60 dollars.

By the way, check at any IT store in Singapore and you’d know that’s way cheaper than what you can get out there.

Now, in case you didn’t notice, each product has a specific start time. Like the air fryer and oven deal, it starts on 6 June at 12 midnight sharp.

For those unfamiliar with Shopee, products in flash deals run out fast.

In fact, shopping on Shopee’s flash deals is like trying to choose modules in university. The fastest finger wins.

So cross your fingers and camp inside the app fifteen minutes before the flash deal begins. Trust me, it’s even worse than fighting for the last piece of chicken wing at the dinner table.

There Are More. MUCH MORE

Remember I’ve mentioned earlier that people tend to go to the Shopee app every day? Well, if you’re not one of those people and don’t understand why they treat the Shopee app like it’s WhatsApp, then you need to know this.

Other than the three days of promotion (deals are at $0.66, $6.60, $66 or 91% off), there are also hot deals under $1.66 and free giveaways (new buyers only) from brands such as Sennheiser, Triumph, Acer, Colgate, Orico, Mentholatum and more.

That’ll convince you to set an alarm that reminds you to log in to Shopee daily.

More info could be found here.

Now, you’ve been living in Mars for the last few years and have just landed back on Earth, and haven’t used Shopee before, here’s a good news for you: the Netherlands didn’t make it to the World Cup and there’s a promo code for new users. Simply key in the code GFxGSS and get $7 off (with a minimum purchase of $15).

Just the tip of the iceberg, dudes

Also, it’s all about good friends and good shopping this sale season! Join the Shopee Shopping Squad Challenge with your shopping buddies and stand a chance to win a 3D2N private island stay worth $9,085.

Find out more here. Hurry, join before 5 June, 23:59 to earn 100 Shopee coins!

Still just the tip, my friends. There are more.

And if you’re thinking, that’s all?! No, that’s just the beginning. Keep an eye out for Shopee’s weekly sales.

They have more than 1,000 sellers across 60 different categories selling at prices that’s so cheap you won’t believe your eyes.

  • 9-15 June: Brands Go Wild Week
  • 17-24 June: Global Marketplace Splashdown Week
  • 25 June-2 July: Go Loco, Go Local Week
  • 3-5 July: Surprise Finale Sale

By the way, given Shopee’s track record, the Surprise Finale Sale is going to be something you cannot miss.

You can find out more here.

This article was first published in and written in collaboration with Shopee