Don’t Say Bojio: S’pore App Tells You Where Free Food Is Available; Minimises Food Wastage

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Have you ever wished that you would someday be walking around, and suddenly, someone tells you that you can get free food and it is just nearby?

Or maybe you’ve walked past buffet spreads and you just wished you could take a plate of all those dishes and just slip away, hoping that no one saw you just take advantage of the free food available.

Well, it’s possible now, and you don’t even have to be sneaky about it.

Introducing the Makan Rescue app.

Image: Makan Rescue

This app was created by a group of Singaporeans to alert users whenever there’s leftover food near them.

This initiative is used as a way to minimise the food wastage that comes about when organisations order too much for the event’s buffet by providing other people with free food.

How Did This Idea Come About?

This idea stemmed from the problem of how many organisations tend to over-estimate the number of people eating at their buffets. As a result, they order too much food because well, it’s always better to have extra than to have your guests complaining that there’s not enough food to go around, right?

So after these events, there’s usually quite a lot of food left. But because the food was previously prepared a few hours ahead of the event’s timing, the food has a risk of turning bad soon, so caterers have no choice but to throw all of it away.

That’s major food wastage right there.

But of course, here’s where we play our part in helping with this situation!

Where’s The Free Food?

The Makan Rescue app shows you the exact location of the buffet spread and even shows you what food choices there are.

Image: Facebook (Makan Rescue)

Image: Facebook (Makan Rescue)

As a way to do your part, you can also upload “missions” to notify other users of where the buffet spread is at!

Image: Screenshot From Makan Rescue App


According to the “Missions” page, however, most of the buffet spreads seem to usually happen at the tertiary institutions, though there is also an option for “others”.

But don’t worry too much, the Makan Rescue team has already mentioned on their official website that they will be expanding their app’s reach to a larger community very soon. So do stay tuned!

Image: Makan Rescue

Similar To Telegram Groups?

Although many of the tertiary institutions have their own Telegram channels to notify everyone of free food available on campus, this app aims to be different in the sense that it will only notify you of leftover food when it meets your dietary requirements and if the food is available near you.

Image: Makan Rescue

So if you’re trying to save some money, do make sure you download this app! You can download the Android version here and the iOS version here.


Rescue these organisations from wasting food by helping them to eat food!

After all, who will say no to free food?

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