Don’t Say Bojio: S’poreans Can Prep For Winter Holidays By Renting $3-4/Day Winter Wear From The Chilled Closet

It’s already November and we all know what that means.

And that is that Winter is coming soon!

Well, not in our sunny island called Singapore, although the weather at night has been pretty cooling for the past few days.

Regardless, if you’re someone who has been waiting all-year-long just to go on your pre-planned Winter holiday, you would probably be looking for some winter wear right about now if you don’t already have it prepared.

If you’re on a tight budget, here’s some good news for you.

We all know that winter wear is expensive especially when you’re only going to be gone for a couple of days. So other than looking out for promotions, there’s something else you can do that will ease the burn in your pocket.

Rent them.

Renting Winter Wear

Image: The Chilled Closet

That’s right. The Chilled Closet, a Singapore-based winter wear rental company, has a service where you can rent winter wear clothing for just $3 to $4 a day!

Image: The Chilled Closet

You might be thinking, huh… It sounds a bit too good to be true…

But fret not, it is true! Their website offers a wide variety of winter wear to choose from, from trench coats to parkas and even sweaters.

Image: The Chilled Closet

There are hidden costs, right? I rent the clothing for $3 a day, but I need to pay $20 to wash it. Plus I still need to pick up or pay for delivery.

Nope, nope and nope.

The cool thing about The Chilled Closet is that they will settle everything for you. This means that they will do the washing and ensure that the quality is acceptable, and they offer free delivery and pickup services, allowing you, their customer, to have a seamless experience.

So all you have to do is just pick out a design and choose how long you would like to rent that piece for. And you can just relax and enjoy your Winter holiday when it comes.

Image: The Chilled Closet

That’s a lot of time and money saved if you ask me.

Say Goodbye To Winter Wear Taking Up Closet Space

We all know how bulky winter wear can be, and for someone who lives in a sunny island like Singapore, we need all the space we can get for all of our more weather-appropriate clothes.

By renting from The Chilled Closet, you’ll also be saving a lot of closet space, making way for more clothes because you can never have too many of them.

Image: Giphy

Chilled Share

If I can rent from them, can I rent out my own winter wear as well?

The simple answer is yes.

Image: The Chilled Closet

You can fill up an application form on their website and they will be in contact with you. Once again, you need not worry about delivering your own winter wear to them because they will personally pick it up from you at a place that you both agree upon.

In the event that your winter wear gets lost or damaged, The Chilled Closet will send out a payment to you based on the value of the item that was previously agreed upon.

You can save and earn money with The Chilled Closet, so do check them out!


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