Don’t Say Bojio: Starbucks-themed Precious Moments Figurines at High-SES Price

Image: Facebook (Starbucks Singapore)

My big fat boss once said, “Why buy expensive kopi from Starbucks when you can get it cheap in the kopitiam?”

In the past, we tried to explain the logic behind Starbucks’ success, and how they taste relatively different from kopitiam kopi. But he kept on refuting, saying that he just needed it to keep him awake, and for the simplest fact that he’s our boss, we’ve now given up on convincing him to buy Starbucks for us on a regular basis.

Lest you’re not aware, my research (that took one second to complete) shows that Starbucks coffee are overpriced primarily due to its operating expenses, not because the coffee is made from gold.


But that’s common sense. What’s new?

Precious Moments

Precious Moments isn’t new, of course. Founded in the US in 1978 initially to sell greeting cards at Christian book fairs, they partnered with Enesco and now are known for their giftware, in particular their porcelain figurine line of products, starring an angel known as Timmy.

Image: ebay

And they’re so popular, they’ve the Singaporean version here in Singapore.


Known as Precious Thots here in Singapore (I cannot 100% confirm if they’re related but I guess so, given that Timmy is there–could be some trademark issue in Singapore), it’s the to-go if you’ve got cash to spare for some high-quality gifts, as their items aren’t exactly priced like Daiso.

Now, combine the two high-SES brands together and you’ll have this:

Yah, a Starbucks-themed Precious Moments Figurines. If you can’t read the words, here you go:

Say hello to a Precious Moments® Starbucks Singapore exclusive. A pair of collectibles, for the coffee lover in your life. Each figurine is yours for $69.90. Available while stocks last.

A pair of those would set you back by $69.90–pretty sure my boss would cry his eyes out if he knew about this.

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High-SESness comes with a price, right?

But if you just want something cutey, then you can go for the McDonald’s My Melody holder instead, which costs 10 times less at $6.90:

Though you’d most likely have to queue like siao for the $6.90 gift, while you won’t need to wait for more than five minutes for the $69.90 gift.

That’s what high-SES means, right? To a rich person, time is money.

(Then why my boss still so cat?)