Don’t say we bojio: Sushi Express [email protected] reopening promo ($1 per plate) from 27-29 Apr!


I’m sure most, if not all of us are familiar with Sushi Express in Singapore, right? I mean, it is, after all, one of the cheapest places in Singapore for sushi restaurant fare; and their miso soup with a generous amount of salmon within it doesn’t hurt them as well.

The outlet at [email protected] was closed for a “facelift” end last month, and it will reopen for business tomorrow. For those who are familiar with how Sushi Express operates, you will know, and hope for, their $1 opening promotion that they seemed to always have for their new outlets. Guess what, your wish has been answered.

Well, if you, like one of the writers in the office, is abso-frigging-lutely crazy about this place, you will love what we have to tell you: because what’s better than good news? Sharing them, of course!

Sushi Express at [email protected] is reopening tomorrow (27 April 2016), and for their reopening special, they are selling everything at $1 per plate instead of the usual $1.50. Yes, everything. Sushi, cakes, desserts, flame-grilled sushi, everything!

And you know what’s better? The promotion is valid for 3 whole days (from 27 to 29 April 2016), so most of us can probably get our hands on some of them delicious Japanese fare.

Image: Facebook (Sushi Express Singapore)
Image: Facebook (Sushi Express Singapore)

No T.G.I.F plans yet? What are you waiting for? Grab some friends and make your way down on 29 Apr then! Just be prepared to fight the crowd if you’re planning to go on a Friday though.

Okay, now excuse us while we try to convince our boss to let us leave early from work on Friday.



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