Don’t Say Bojio: Taobao’s Double 11 Sale Has Free Coupons, Free Shipping & Even Free Products

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A wise old man once said:

“The greatest feeling in life is to come back home after a long day of work and indulge in some wet me-time (showering), hot, tongue-licking bites (dinner) and soft, fluffy pillows (bed). Ahhhh now, that’s life.”

However, while I usually agree with the WOM’s sayings, I’ve to disagree with this one. Sure, the wet me-time’s admittedly damn shiok, but this old fool has obviously never seen the better side of life. Or to be more exact, Taobao’s promotional sales.

Now that, my friends, is life.

Lest you did not see the article topic, Taobao is hosting a sale this double 11. And my word…

It’s gonna be an absolute blast. 

As Barack Obama would put it himself…

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This Double 11, Taobao’s breaking out the big guns to make sure that you guys get the most… for the least. 

Happening from 1 to 11 November, this stretched-out blockbuster event will feature a wide range of products from apparel, home & decor, beauty and automobile from Taobao. And just check out the line of perks they’ve, all lined up for you.

Grab’em All

From 1 to 11 Nov, there will be up to 150RMB (est. 30 SGD) hongbaos, shop coupons, 50% off Tmall Signature vouchers and 555 RMB off promo codes up for grabs!

And did I mention that these lofty coupons are all stackable to offset purchases on Double 11 (11 Nov)?


And I’m haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg.

Catch’em all

After collecting all the coupons you can, the next step would be to start shopping from a wide range of products, all at the best prices. For example, you can look forward to…

11.11 RMB Flash Deals: These Double 11 RMB flash deals will be happening from 8-11 Nov daily at 11:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m. as well as an additional timeslot at 8:00 p.m. on 11 Nov.

Free shipping: Tmall Signature will be hosting a 24 HOURS ONLY free shipping service on Double 11, with great new items added!

Commercial flights: There will be round trips to China available from 1,999RMB, as well as food & beverages, groceries and home & living hot deals that are SG in-stock with free delivery.

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And believe it or not; I’M STILL NOT DONE YET.

Unlock’em All : Unlock exclusive promo codes from Taobao’s partners: Eatigo, Kaodim and all-too-familiar local telco Singtel.

Card’em All: An avid card user? Well, you’re in luck, as Taobao’s offering promo off certain payment options: AXS, UOB and Maybank. Additionally, new users get to enjoy ZERO transaction fees for their 1st order on Taobao & the Taobao Lite app.

Excite’em All: Look out for other exciting activities such as…


Happening from 9 – 11 November, NOMADX is a venue where you’ll be able to indulge in a one of a kind shopping experience, in the sense that you’re able to interact, test and feel the items before actual purchase on 11 November. Plus, look forward to a specially designed Taobao Home (by Qanvast) where each piece of furniture is specially curated to fit all your dream home needs.

ii. Refer & Earn

We all have that one friend who spams text you reference notifications, whether it’s Candy Crush or some shady website like HamsterBalls. But it seems that for this particular event, taking on that persistent frenemy’s persona might actually be, wait for it, beneficial.

For this blockbuster event that’s like 1,000x happier than Avengers: Infinity War‘s ending, refer friends & earn rewards up to 100,000RMB this double 11! Simply download the Taobao Lite app from hereon and start annoying- I mean,inviting your friends! The more you refer, the higher the chance of winning prizes and vouchers worth up to 100,000RMB.

Who says that it doesn’t pay to have friends? 😉

Here’s how you can do it:

  • Download Taobao Lite (Android or iOS)
  • Go to “我的淘宝“ and search for “分享赚钱” icon
  • Copy paste invite code and share with friends
  • You earn 50RMB hongbao for every friends that successfully key in the invite code
  • Invite 10 friends and stand to win 100,000RMB worth of prizes & vouchers!

And oh, did I mention event giveaways?

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Cool beans!

iii. Daily giveaways

Everyone loves giveaways, and you’re probably no different (just like me hehehe). From 1-11 Nov, expect prizes & promo codes worth up to 7,000RMB in giveaways! You can hit up their Facebook page @ to find out more.

Incidentally, here’s a little taste of what you can get!

Note: humans not included.

Image: Tmall
Image: Tmall

Hungry? Here’s something for you to munch on. 😉


So what are you waiting for?

Mark down the prospective dates on your calendar, because this is some serious business.

1-10 November: Teaser period

11 November: Doomsday

And remember, while the saying goes: “Less is more.”

This particular event goes, “More is less.”

So save up on all those discount vouchers like how you did with Pokemon cards 40 years ago, and may the odds be ever in your favour.

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Now journey forth, my dear Tao-bit. For more details, click here!

This article was first published in and written in collaboration with Taobao 淘宝.