Don’t Say Bojio: Tokidoki Hanako EZ-Charm Available in Shopee on 11 April

If you’re a Tokidoki fan, this psychedelic mess will be familiar to you.

Credits: Tokidoki

Tokidoki, which means “sometimes” in Japanese, is a lifestyle brand with an extensive range of products to its name.

Products include apparel, handbags, cosmetics, accessories, toys and more.

It has a huge global fan base, and understandably so because it’s marketed so cleverly with this crowd of attention-grabbing characters, with their bright colours and simple yet iconic designs.

And It’s Now Available in Singapore

If you’re an online shopper and also a fan of EZ-Link (?), you may know that last month, Shopee partnered with EZ-link to launch two Tokidoki EZ-Charms exclusively on their site.

Credits: Weekender Singapore

You may also know that both charms sold out within 12 hours, which explains why you most likely do not have the Mermicornos or Donutellas gracing your wallet/phone.

Well, dry your eyes, get out your credit cards and prepare for another battle because a new tokidoki EZ-Charm is coming your way.

Meet Hanako

…in EZ-Charm form.

Here’s the official description of this…creature: The Unicornos were once simple little ponies that were out trotting and wandered into a magic waterfall. Passing through the waterfall, the ponies transformed into unicorns and found a hidden magical kingdom. The Unicornos live between the magic kingdom and our world.
This particular creature will be selling itself for $29.90 exclusively at EZ-Link’s official store on Shopee on 11 April, 9 am.
Make sure you get the date and time right because, as mentioned, these limited edition charms have a record of selling out super fast.
Okay, I know 30 bucks for a key chain is pretty expensive, even if its an otherworldly floral unicorn who got baptised by some waterfall. But these aren’t just key chains made by EZ-Link. And in case you’re still scratching your head…

What are EZ-Charms?

For those still unaware, EZ-Charms are essentially EZ-Link cards in a different form. EZ-Link likes to call it the “latest form of contact-less technology”.

Credits: Weekender Singapore

So they’re supposed to work exactly like EZ-Link cards, meaning they work by tapping and you can use them on public transport, retail and vending outlets.

Basically anywhere that currently accepts EZ-Link for payment. To top up your EZ-Charms, go to any EZ-Link card top up channel.

So you have this cute yet fully functional thing dangling from your wallet, can these trinkets do no wrong?

Some drawbacks

Well, besides the hefty price, these charms also expire sooner at 3 years from the date of encoding, instead of 5 years for the usual cards.

They’re also only available in Adult Anonymous option, so students hoping to ride your trains and buses in style from now on, consider the price of your actions.

For more information on this (not that) newfangled technology, click here.

And again, mark your calendars

11 April 2019, 9 am, at EZ-Link’s official store on Shopee. Get it before you can’t.

Good luck.


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