Don’t Say Bojio: Tong Garden Snacks Warehouse Sale in Clementi (Till 31 Jan)

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Woodlander who loves going to JB, a Juronger who lives in a factory, a Pasir-Ris-er who goes to a chalet every week or a Yishunite who’s been misrepresented by trashy media outlets such as Goody Feed as a devil: as long as you live in Singapore, you’d have makan-ed at least one pack of Tong Garden snacks.

Because they’re everything—and come Chinese New Year, you’ll be seeing so many of this logo that you’d wonder if they’re part of a conspiracy to brainwash you:


Lest you’re only familiar with their nuts, here’s an interesting fact: they’re more than nuts.


They’ve got seeds, chestnuts, popcorn, potato sticks, fried fruits and even seaweed, though some of them are marketed under a different name.

Despite its size of nearly 1,000 staff, the company is still a family business that was started way back in 1963—which explains why we’ve all heard of it since it’s born way before we have our first cry. In fact, it’s older than Singapore!

And if you’re looking to fill your house up with lots of Tong Garden snacks this CNY, then this would be good news for you.

Tong Garden Warehouse Sale

Now, before anything, do you know that Tong Garden has moved on with the times and come out with unique nut flavours catered to the younger generation?

We’re talking about Seaweed & Wasabi Cashew Nuts…


…or Satay Broad Beans (???)


So if you think that Tong Garden hasn’t grown out of 1963, you’re absolutely wrong.

The warehouse sale has already started, so prepare your cash as they’re most likely on a while stock last basis.

We’ve often waited for tomorrow for a meal with our family. But what if tomorrow never comes? Watch this and you'll understand:

According to its latest post, there are “generous discounts, exclusive bundles and attractive spin-the-wheel prizes.”

Here’s a look at how previous years’ sale look like:


And how the sale in Malaysia looks like back in 2015:


Where is Pandan Avenue?

If you live in Yishun and haven’t heard of this road before, I forgive you: this is an area near Clementi MRT Station, located near West Coast Park.

Image: Google Maps

To reach there, take bus 78 from Jurong East MRT Station and alight at the 17th stop (I suggest you to turn on your GPS because I bet my boss’s car that you’ll lose count).

You should be looking for this building:

Image: Google Maps

After that, try to control yourself and walk in slowly to the third storey because someone once said that upon seeing the building, you’ll go crazy that run in like a mad person. Kind of like how people would react when they see the creature in Bird Box.

Address: 21 Pandan Avenue #03-08 Singapore 609388 (The building name is Senkee Logistics Hub)
Date: 11 January 2019 to 31 January 2019
Opening Hours: Daily 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.