Don’t Say Bojio: Up to 60% Off G-Shock / Casio Watches in Waterway Point (Till 31 July)


It’s 2019 and we can just use our handphones to check the time when we’re on the go, right? What’s the use for watches?

I get it.

But even with technological advancements, watches are still an undeniable part of fashion – it’s evolved from having just a practical use to tell the time to become a timeless accessory that’s mostly associated with status.

If you’ve ever wanted to wear good bling on your wrist to flex and make your friends jealous but unfortunately never had the money for it, perhaps this will lighten your burden to some extent so that you can fulfil that dream.

Because the Great Singapore Sale is approaching, every broke Singaporean’s favourite time of year (besides Chinese New Year). There will always be crazy sales during this period of time for us to snap up, and this year’s no exception.

Up To 60% G-Shock / Casio Watches 

Image: Facebook/Singapore Atrium Sale

In accordance with the Great Singapore Sale, certain brands are offering huge sales on their watches with discounted prices up to a 60% – more than half price!

Where: Waterway Point, G-Shock Casio, #01-19

When: Now until 31 July

These include models from G-Shock and Casio, brands that are classic big names in the watch industry.

Now that’s something to show off, eh?


One model has already been sold out this quickly, so if you wanna grab your desired wrist toy, I’d advise you to go sooner for the demand is high and people are kiasu.

Image: Facebook/Singapore Atrium Sales

These watches are even going for almost half price, which is a steal.

Maybe you can buy and save it to use for Chinese New Year next year and let your aunties and cousins envy your new watch.

Great Singapore Sale

Aunties just love this phrase.

In case you didn’t know, this year’s Great Singapore Sale will go on from June to the end of July, similar to how it has been on previous years. With prices getting more competitive as the years go by, however, this year’s sales can be one to expect for better deals.

It also means Orchard Road will be even more crowded than usual.


We all know Singaporeans can get crazy for good deals and fight to the death to get their hands on cheap items, especially during the Great Singapore Sale, so for this one, you might want to watch out. (pun totally intended)