Don’t Say Bojio: Win $5 BreadTalk Rewards Card When You Bring Your Own Container

Image: BreadTalk Singapore


We all know the importance of reducing plastic usage. After all, we don’t want all that plastic to harm our fellow animal friends.

Just a few days ago, an adorable baby dugong died from too much plastic in its stomach, and I’m pretty sure we aren’t the only ones who are still crying.

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Save the Environment with BreadTalk

If you want to join in on the efforts of saving the environment, furry animals and baby dugongs, here’s your chance.

Image: Project beCOme

From now till 7 September 2019, BreadTalk is giving away $5 rewards cards when you buy their delectable loaves and bring your own container.

You’re gonna have to be real lucky to bag this prize (haha, get it?) though, because only 10 winners will be chosen.

Just ditch the plastic bags and bring your mom’s Tupperware, she won’t even notice it’s missing – don’t tell her I said that.

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How to Bag the Prize

Unleash your inner Singaporean and channel all that post-National Day spirit by trying to win free stuff in just 2 easy steps:

  1. Post a photo of your bread with the hashtag #BreadTalkWithoutBags
  2. Tag Project beCOme and BreadTalk Singapore

Even if the only thing you end up taking home is a couple of hot buns, take heart in the fact that you’re saving the environment – and maybe influenza-ing your Facebook friends.


Plastic Situation in Singapore

According to NEA, Singapore has disposed of a whopping 908,600 tonnes of plastic in 2018. Yes, this includes plastic bags, plastic containers, cutleries and straws, among others.

The next time you pay for your items at the store, say no to plastic bags and whip out your very own world-saving container/bag. Every little effort counts.

Trust me, Groot will thank you for it.

Image: Giphy


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