Man Charged For Drinking Beer 4 Times in Public During CB Period Coz He Didn’t Know It’s an Offence

Just last year, you wouldn’t even bat an eyelid at someone drinking beer 4 times in public.

“Wow, what a gung-ho man,” you would probably say then. “Look at that drunken bravado! Bravo!”

But 2020’s a whole different story altogether. Now, someone drinking beer 4 times in public is considered to have committed a grave sin.

“Yo that man needs to be punished for his sins,” you would probably say now. “That defiance. No bravo!”

Well, you know what they say;

That’s just life.

Man Charged For Drinking Beer 4 Times in Public During CB Period Coz He Didn’t Know It’s an Offence

A man has been charged for consuming beer 4 times in public during the ongoing Circuit Breaker.

Liw Ah Piw, 65, is accused of drinking beer while sitting on public benches at People’s Park Complex Food Centre, the walkway at People’s Park Complex, a hawker centre at Block 116 Jalan Bukit Merah, and outside the OG Building along Upper Cross Street.

In his defense, he claimed that he didn’t know it would entail as an offence.

In court, he spoke in Mandarin that he had purchased the alcohol at a hawker centre, but was told that he was not allowed to drink at the premise.

He then went out to drink his beverage instead.

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“I didn’t know that by doing this, it would be an offence,” he said.

He was handed four charges under the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures)(Control Order) Regulations 2020, for supposedly leaving his York Hill flat without a legitimate excuse on four different dates: 22, 26 April and 1, 2 May.

He will return to court on 5 June. He has stated that he claims S$250 from his Central Provident Fund account every month, and would settle a potential fine with that money.

Sounds jialat.

One Of The Elite Four

Lest you’re unaware, Liw is just one of four Singaporeans who’s charged for flouting Circuit Breaker rules.

T Sathish, 28, allegedly drank alcohol in public areas, and is believed to have hurled vulgarities at a policeman. He also faces another charge for failing to change his place of residence from his parents’ place to his residence in Loyang.

Mohd Yusoff Shaik Alladin, 55, allegedly scolded and insulted an enforcement officer from the Singapore Food Agency on 15 April. The act is believed to have occurred after an officer asked him for his particulars for not wearing a face mask over his nose and mouth.

Renukha Arumugam, 30, allegedly left her home without a legitimate reason on 12 and 17 April to meet her boyfriend. On the morning of 29 April, she’s believed to have also visited a supermarket in Jurong West with a friend.

All four were brought to court yesterday (22 May), and charged with various offences.

If convicted, they may face a fine of up to S$10,000, a jail term of up to six months or both.

Hardly worth it, really.


So folks, do yourselves a favour. Stay home unless necessary and just tahan the Circuit Breaker for a little more.

It’ll all come to pass soon.

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