Drooling a Lot When Sleeping Might Not Be Just Due to Your Sleeping Position


Drooling when sleeping is something that happens.

Many of us may not admit it, but come on: we are guilty of it. It’s kind of like human nature because who doesn’t drool when they sleep, right? That’s how chou chou comes about!

Babies drool when they sleep and that’s normal because they’re probably teething. Adults drool when they sleep, and while it may be common, it might also mean serious health complications.

Really, we’re not kidding.

Drooling happens mostly when you sleep on your side and hardly when you sleep on your back.

In some cases, excessive drooling when sleeping could be due to the following conditions.

Acid Reflux
Do you often get gastric, even when you sleep? If so, when the gastric acid goes up your gullet (aka the pipe your food goes down in), the gullet muscles will produce extra saliva due to the excitement.


Sleep disorder
If you are deprived of sleep, or you have trouble sleeping due to nightmares of other psychological reasons, you are more likely to drool in your sleep. Also, going to sleep while feeling emotionally stressed have the same effect.

Throat Inflammation
Drooling in your sleep may also be a sign of tonsillitis when the glands at the back of your throat are swollen. The swelling will narrow your throat and restrict the movement of saliva down the body, thus causing saliva to accumulate at your mouth.

Oral Herpes
Blisters in the mouth, lips or gums due to herpes may also cause drooling when you are asleep. Also, herpes is easily infectious so you might want to forget about kissing your SO for a while.

What the heck is that? The epiglottis is at the base of your tongue, that prevents food from going down the wrong pipe. It is a very serious condition and will require medical attention. Although rare, it does happen to adults. This is most common in people who had serious injuries to the throat before or who may have burnt their throats due to hot beverages.


Now, do you still think that drooling while asleep is THAT normal? You might want to rethink.

But usually, it’s just because you sleep really horribly, even worse than a baby. Then again, as usual, if you think it’s something else, you might want to seek medical attention.

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