Drug Abuser Caught After Forging 18 MCs to Avoid Urine Tests


Talk about forging a parent’s letter.

Unless you’re that guai kid in class, chances are you have forged a parent’s letter at one point in your life.

But have you ever had the guts to forge an MC?

Well, Noorfadilah Azni, 29, was jailed yesterday for five years and four months on four forgery charges and two drug charges after a total of 18 MCs were found to be forged.

The Story Behind Her Arrest 

Since last year, Noorfadilah was placed under compulsory supervision for drugs. The supervision was to last two years.

Urine tests were required from her on every Monday and Friday during this period, except on public holidays.

However, she failed to report on 29 occasions and submitted a total of 63 MCs to Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB).

Yes, 63 MCs. I don’t even think I’ve taken 63 MCs in my lifetime.

Naturally, the officer who was arranging became suspicious of the MCs as some appeared to be forged.

It was later revealed that a total of 18 MCs between Jan 15 and June 22 last year had been forged.

She also admitted to consuming “sejuk”, the street name for the drug also known as Ice (methamphetamine).

Noorfadilah was arrested on 7 Sept last year.

Reason for Her Forging MCs  

Noorfadilah forged her MCs as she did not have enough money to see a doctor and did not want to report for the urine tests.

The MCs were forged by either scanning the original MC and saving and editing it on the computer, or by downloading MC templates online and then editing them.

The forged MCs cited numerous doctors, hospitals, polyclinics, and clinics across Singapore.

Lest you’re not aware, she’s not the first one who be jailed for this.


In 2017, a housewife was sentenced to five months’ jail for providing drug addicts with forged MCs to cover their absence from urine tests.

If found guilty of forgery for the purpose of cheating, one could be jailed up to 10 years and fined.

Just be like me; I have too much honour and respect for my superiors, so I only take MCs when I’m extremely sick.

Editor: LOL. You’re always sick of me.