Drunk Australian Tourist Kick Rider Off Motorcycle & Jumped Onto A Car In Bali

Image: Renae Henry Twitter

Imagine this: You’re riding on your motorcycle to work, and then you see a friendly Australian running up towards you.

“Hey mate!”, you give your best impression of the Australian greeting.

But then you realised there’s something wrong.

Hold up… this isn’t a situation to be socially awkward about greetings!

You’re still riding on your motorcycle.

You’re still on the road.

Why is this Aussie running in the middle of the road?!

And as you’re wondering all that the Aussie man jumps and stretches his leg, resulting in a beautiful leg to helmet kick that left you rolling on the ground.

It’s as random as it gets, and nothing makes sense, because it doesn’t.

If you have anything to thank or blame, it’s alcohol.

The exact kicking scenario, all enacted in real life

This happened in Kuta, Bali, which happens to be a popular tourist destination for Australians:

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Exactly as described, an Australian man runs in the middle of the road,

Image: Renae Henry Twitter

And proceeded to kick off an innocent motorcyclist which even resulted in the motorcycle skidding on the ground with sparks.

Image: Renae Henry Twitter

And it didn’t stop there. The Aussie then ran up to another random car and slammed himself into the bonnet.

Image: Renae Henry Twitter

Then proceeded to run from 2 people chasing him, which we can assume were trying to stop him from doing more stupid stuff.

Image: Renae Henry Twitter

Here’s the thing: they didn’t manage to stop him from doing more stuff.

More crazy stuff

The full coverage can be watched here:

But after the 2 drunken road slams, he continued to throw a grandpa off his own porch.

Image: 9News

Chase random guests in a boarding house.

Image: 9News

Slamming into an operator who came to help.

Image: 9News

While not recorded in action, also damaged the glass of a shop.

Image: 9News

Took 10 men to stop him

This Aussie is later identified as Nicholas Carr, a 26-year-old South Australian tradesman. He is later stopped and arrested, which according to a translation by Coconut, took 10 men to stop and tie with a hose.


Downed 20 Vodka bottles

Nicholas admitted to drinking more than 10 bottles of vodka and cocktails, which the police later say it is 20 small bottles of vodka.

Image: 9News

While this achievement would probably make any Russian proud, the fact that he got drunk probably won’t.

He was so drunk, that he can’t even remember most of what he did.

Image: 9News

He is also being accused of hijacking a scooter but denied that any drugs were involved for this spree of drunk assholery.

Each of his offences carries a maximum sentence of 2 years and 8 months in jail.

He vowed to pay for his victim’s medical bills and damage that he caused to the business.

At least he was apologetic about it, I guess.

Don’t do alcohol, kids.